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  • So I have all of 666 people.

  • I'm not saying this, you guys, but I just like the number.

  • When people ask me like home, my inspirations are on lease a bloody Oh, Cyrus, he's just in, like, 3018.

  • Like, Do you see this?

  • And he's also a stylist to, So he styles other people, which I think is sick.

  • I don't know how you'd walk in those, but I just I just think that's so different.

  • I respect that.

  • It's different in men underscore potato.

  • I feel like Imran was the dude that started all of the boot like brand stuff because now everybody doesn't.

  • I think this one was the one that caught my eye because I had never seen anything like it.

  • I just thought everything he created was like sick, and he designs all this stuff, makes it all himself.

  • I'm actually friends of them now because he made this custom piece when I was on Jimmy Fallon, which was incredible, like everything about that was insane.

  • I feel like he's just like on another planet, Sita Belen.

  • She's just this, like batty.

  • She's like one that I look up to a lot because she kind of takes the like, boyish sort of look, but then also looking like hot.

  • She, like, mixes them up, which I think is tight.

  • I just dressed like a boy and that's it.

  • I just think that's so next level wearing clothes that a lot of people are gonna think is ugly.

  • But that's sort of what's cool, because I remember thinking tons of stuff was ugly and then it got huge and then everyone liked it, and then I liked it.

  • I grew up shopping at Thrift Stores and Target.

  • Basically, I've never had enough money to shop anywhere else.

  • Get a bunch of random stuff, and then I go home and I cut it up and I saw it together.

  • I always just made my own clothes.

  • Anyone could pull off anything if you just let yourself little Jupiter.

  • He posts shoes that are about Thio Be like the shoe I wear.

  • Most of them.

  • They're just all a lot of money.

  • So if nobody's giving me them, I'm not gonna have, um he posts like these edits of stuff like, I think this right here is just like so tight.

  • I don't know I really like stuff that's like like brands that are sort of incorporated in, like, just normal weird things.

  • Oh, here.

  • Do you see that?

  • Basically, he just cut in half a pair of Nikes and put a little fish tank in it with a fish.

  • I'm always looking for stuff like this because it inspires me to It makes me wanna do more.

  • I draw inspiration from everything.

  • So I could literally see, like, the print on the wall and be like, Oh, that could be sick if I did this or if I wanted toe write a song that sounded like the way that, you know, corduroy fields like that sounds really crazy.

  • But you can hear something that sounds the way that velvet fields.

  • And that kind of just goes around in my brain all the time.

  • So it because all of this is sick and he does it all himself.

  • Yeah.

  • Look at this.

  • Like what?

  • Like that's just so fire some accounts that I feel like any time they post anything, you just like it like you literally like it.

  • You could be on your explorer page looking at names and stuff for, like, two years like it doesn't.

  • It literally doesn't end.

  • There is no end to the Internet, and I do go on instagram toe See art because it's like, Where else am I gonna see it?

  • I mean, yeah, there's museums, but this kind of art isn't in museums.

  • I don't like genres.

  • I don't like genres of music.

  • I don't like genres of people or clothing or anything.

  • In general.

  • I just think tryingto limit something thio and like, put it in a box.

  • It's such a small thing to do.

  • If you like it and you're making it, then just keep making it.

  • Who cares what it is or what?

  • It's not all right.

  • Thanks for watching.

  • Those were some of my favorite follows.

So I have all of 666 people.

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