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  • I met you a long, long time ago.

  • I think I was one of your first talk show appearances way back in the day.

  • And you've always been very stylish and sort of blazing a trail.

  • I, in my opinion, in style, you always look so fantastic.

  • Some people say that you're responsible for the hug craze because you were one of the first people famous people to wear Uggs out and around with anything.

  • Once I discovered that there was a shoe that felt like a slipper that you could wear on the street, there was no turning back.

  • Because I am.

  • I actually love comfort.

  • I'm gonna I'm going to show you a secret.

  • This is very elegant on the top.

  • But look to track suit.

  • I like it, But I'm curious.

  • You will.

  • I think you wore I remembered.

  • I remembered seeing a picture of you looking very beautiful and you're wearing short, I think, a short skirt, if I remember correctly and hugs with short skirt.

  • And it worked.

  • But it felt like you You just knew it would work.

  • When if you just someone describe that to me, I would say no.

  • That's not gonna work.

  • But it worked.

  • It was beautiful.

  • Thanks.

  • I don't know how to respond to that other than thank you.

  • I think I did just wear them with everything to the point where they slightly kind of collapsed inwards on probably my back because I've aged.

  • But still I wear them Well, my Onley question is, have you been compensated by the hug people?

  • Because that's a very powerful company.

  • They make a lot of money.

  • I'm hoping that they have cut you in for a piece of the Ugg empire because you deserve it, Alpi.

  • They have not.

  • They send me free boots occasionally, but no, there is no slice of that pie.

  • So I think we should start the make a Sienna ambassador hug campaign.

  • But yeah, Sienna, if you'd like I'm very powerful in show business, uh, in America and, well, parts of America.

  • A very small part of America.

  • I'm very powerful.

  • If you would like, I'll get involved and I will secure you a piece of the hug empire.

  • Okay?

  • Yes.

  • Thank you.

I met you a long, long time ago.

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Sienna Miller Wants A Piece Of The Ugg Empire - CONAN on TBS

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/18
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