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  • I'm Mira, Royal Detective, and we're on the case.

  • We're on the case.

  • We're on the case.

  • I spy with my magnifying glass.

  • Lots of movement.

  • What?

  • Look, they're moving to the music a little closer with your magnifying glass.

  • It is time to dance.

  • That's right.

  • Everyone is dancing.

  • Let's dance.

  • Let's do it.

  • Dancing is a very important part of Indian culture.

  • It is used to share stories.

  • Dancing can also be a way to show joy into celebrate special events like festivals and parties.

  • Let's all dance most dancers where very bright and colorful clothing with beautiful sparkling jewelry.

  • There are so many different styles of dance from all over India.

  • Very interesting.

  • This style is called, but did not the, um, the dancers air telling stories with how they move their hands and show emotion with their expressions?

  • I'm not gonna use.

  • This style is called bhangra.

  • It's full of energy with kicks and leaps.

  • The dancers move to the beat from dulled, a kind of drum.

  • My goals.

  • See how this dancer twirls in spins.

  • This dance is called Umar.

  • Dancers wear beautiful veils and long flowing skirts.

  • Wow, no, And this is Bollywood dancing a mixture of Indian styles and dance moves from all over the world.

  • It's a very popular way of dancing.

  • Know what this calls for?

  • Its break?

  • It sure does.

  • Because we just solved the case of dancing a big part of Indian tradition and culture.

  • Come on, everybody, move your peak.

  • Come and solve more cases with Mirror Royal Detective on Disney Junior, We're on the case.

  • Let's hear it for me.

  • Royal Detective me Roundy, Roundy, roundy, Roundy, roundy.

I'm Mira, Royal Detective, and we're on the case.

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