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  • time for days farmers have been protesting me.

  • A deli, single border on thousands, as you can see, have gathered it.

  • Now, today they're calling on the rest of India to join them in a national strike.

  • A white s so angry farmer will become helpless, right?

  • The whole control off the farming will go into the big operates hands most of the people, the livelihood in the country is based on the agriculture.

  • That's why people are scared that if they will control this food market, where they will by our crop at whatever the price they want and they will sell at whatever price they want.

  • The government says that these new farm laws will actually open up opportunities to talk to people here protesting, and they disagree.

  • Now one of the big concerns is overpricing.

  • At the moment, farmers generally sell their crops via wholesale markets which is controlled by the government on where they're offered guaranteed prices, the MSP, the minimum support price.

  • Now, with the markets opening up and farmers able to sell directly to big businesses, there's a concern that those guaranteed prices will, in the long run, end up going away.

  • And so will the farmer's profits.

  • The Corporates will come.

  • They'll pay whatever they want to pay, Not the thing the farmer wants to sell on.

  • How do you feel about the future for farming in India, then?

  • Very scared.

  • Not just for me.

  • For those farmers under 10 acres, they'll die.

  • Okay, well, the protesters have been here for nearly two weeks, and it kind of set up a camp in a community here.

  • They're giving out tea and biscuits here for the morning.

  • And if you just come with May through the crowd to the safe distance you can see here is well, they're giving out supplies.

  • Toothbrushes, toothpastes, soaps for your sleeping in the cold.

  • Yes, were sleeping in the cold.

  • How are you finding the cold way?

  • Have to bear the spin for the cars.

  • The cars were fighting well So far, talks between the farmers and the government seemed to have failed to reach any sort of agreement.

  • And it looks like people here are gonna be here for the long haul.

  • They've set up a community kitchen, people here cleaning the dishes, and some people are staying on the back of their trucks, making them their temporary homes.

  • Hello there way.

  • We've made this our home.

  • We'll fight for all our rights whether it takes four years or more way here to stay way.

time for days farmers have been protesting me.

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India farmers protests: 'Delhi highways are our home for now' - BBC News

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