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History of Mankind 34 -- Reptilians created Psychics
This is Jack, again, on psychics. Okay, let・s start.
You had :the psychic,; okay?
Now, psychics were system placements in this world
to make sure human beings remain within their preprogrammed lives, as I explained in a previous interview
(that all human beings・ lives--the moment they are born--are already preprogrammed, are already placed, preordained, everything, they just walk that which has already been placed for them),
and psychics were those--as systems--that made sure that human beings remained in that and do not deviate at all; another placement-
-there was many--making sure that human beings just don・t find out who they are.
So, there is a system inside psychics. It looks as follows: It・s got a round, circular placement inside the mind--okay?-
-connected to the spine area, which is
vertical, which is vertical along the spine,
and then it had, like, these… If you place a spider on its back, its legs, in terms of how its legs are formed---like, ‘reaching out’--exactly like that, but now put it ‘up.’
That’s how…it’s like a spider’s…yeah, exactly like a spider looks like.
So, in other words, a human being comes along
and asks--or doesn・t even ask--for specific information. They either ask for specific information or don・t; it doesn・t matter.
So, what happens is that, when a psychic sits in front of the human being
… You’re sitting in front of the camera [computer] right now, okay--well, you’re basically looking at me right now--so,
in terms of you sitting in front of me, what would happen is…I’m “the psychic,” you’re “the human being asking for a
specific reading” (or a specific question, or to contact a specific person, et cetera - the name doesn’t even have to be mentioned)
…so, what happens is the psychic then…
Now, this is when the soul construct also still existed. So, remember, your soul construct within you--and within the psychic-
-contains ALL your information; past lives, this life, all that is still to come in your life is all in your soul construct.
It・s in existence in it・s entirety. So, all the information is in you, within your soul construct.
So, all the psychic has to do is connect with your soul, and that・s it,
because in your soul is all that is of you that .is here,・ that .was,・ and that .is to come.・
So, basically, the psychic will then--with these :claws;--connect into you, okay, will connect .here・ [occipital bones],
the mind, and along your body,
and then the soul placement from .here・ (from your solar plexus)
. From the psychic・s solar plexus, it will connect to your solar plexus, where the soul construct is placed within.
There, information is then :sucked out; of you as the being coming to see me as the psychic,
and--sucking out all your information--into me as the psychic, into that round, circular placement of the mind,
that vertical placement along the spine, and also the claws, everything,
sucks out all the information, into the psychic, for a moment; and that・s how psychics did readings.
Even through…because everything of you, as I’ve said, exists within you-
-your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings, who you are, what you・ve experienced, your desires--fucking everything is in you, all;
and it・s information, it・s system information. So, it・s a psychic--as a system--plugging into the system, downloading the information, and speaking the information.
Sometimes, it・s exactly what it is you want to hear; and even going to see psychics was already programmed and placed in,
to make sure that human beings who might, possibly might just deviate and find something that will open the key to them…psychics come into play.
So, psychics were systems,
and that・s exactly how they retrieved information,
even… Let’s say you ask them something, but it’s in your mind, like a thought, it doesn’t matter;
because of that claw placement in .here・ [occipital bones], it locks immediately into your mind,
all your information is downloaded into the psychic, and they can speak your thoughts.
It・s as simple as that, that・s how it happened.
So, psychics did not have any contact with dimensional beings;
nor really did the channels, because the channels merely spoke as mind consciousness system channel placements inside their mind.
They・d suppress their own mind and another mind speaks. It・s all mind/minds/mind systems.
So, then, you know, specific information would be given by the psychic--and you・d go, :Oh, my god!
That is specific. Yes! I believe you! That is what I must do, I see!;
--and then, you fall in the trap of systems and you do exactly what the fucking psychic told you to do,
and you・re exactly where you・re supposed to be in terms of the entrapment of yourself in a preprogrammed consciousness system reality
…and it was as simple as that.
So, that・s all I have to say about psychics at the moment. So, I・ll continue in my next interview. Thank you very much.
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2664 Folder Collection
Hhart Budha published on June 10, 2014
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