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  • I think I was just kind of freaking out because it was something that I'd really love to dio.

  • And then, as the Weeks went on, it was just a passion for me to keep writing songs and releasing them.

  • And starting to girl fan base was very, very natural because it was just me and my screen and making videos.

  • Every single week, I'm tape McRae and this is on the rise.

  • My mom was a dancer her entire life, so she kind of got me into dance lessons when I was around six, and when I was nine or 10, I went to a ballet school full time.

  • It was really intense.

  • I remember I used to actually go toe ballet competitions and dance competitions and compete since nine toe 15 years old.

  • Me and my mom found this.

  • You know, one article and it was like So I think you dances having ah show for the younger generation and you know, So I think you dance was one of my favorite shows ever and was kind of a dream for me since I was, like, super young, we tried to get my own visas Fast is possible and it ended up working like the second right before the last audition, which was in New York, and I went there all the way from Canada and auditioned and made it through.

  • And then I just was a whirlwind.

  • From there, she stows out of ceiling once again with 100 thoughts.

  • I always wanted to be a performer.

  • I always knew that when I was super young, but it wasn't until I was about 13 that I decided to really get into writing.

  • I started YouTube channel.

  • It was mostly for dance, but at one point I didn't have anything to post from my dancing.

  • So I wrote a song.

  • This song was called One Day, and this was when I was 13 years old, so that was my first ever.

  • Kind of like Break out as a singer was my first song that I had ever put out online.

  • And then this song ends up going viral on YouTube and you know, I kept on posting original songs every week because it was working and people were liking it.

  • And then I got contacted by 11 levels, flew out to New York, and it kind of just started from there.

  • Honestly, I think I first called myself a singer.

  • When I was like two.

  • I thought I was a superstar when I was three years old.

  • Now I would say that I'm, you know, a bit more of a recognized singer in the industry When I'm on YouTube, I think it was more of a passion for me and I didn't really know where I was going to go.

  • But I say Now it's 17 I I feel like I'm becoming a singer for sure.

  • Mhm.

  • It's been really crazy over this entire experience because I'm still in high school.

  • So I've been trying to finish up Grade 12 over the past couple of months.

  • Um, while everything's been picking up, been kind of crazy, so I'll be back and forth from writing an essay to doing an interview.

  • Thio filming on award show It's kind of crazy.

  • I remember as the EMAS, we're on TV.

  • I at the same time was like studying for my social midterm because it was the next day and it was the latest thing ever.

  • It was falling.

  • You don't call for days and days, and it was my first ever song with our records, and I didn't actually write the song, but billion Phinnaeus did.

  • Obviously, I'm a huge fan of both of them.

  • I loved them both and their writing, so it was just a kind of a serial process.

  • And then I got to meet Billy Anthony's at her show in L.

  • A.

  • And we talked about it and is a is a really cool experience overall on my dream collapse.

  • Say this all the time, but it's so true.

  • Eyes post Malone.

  • I'm such a fan of his music, and I have been for forever.

  • And usually I go through a lot of phases where I hate.

  • I hate this kind of music.

  • I love this kind of music, and I'm back and forth between country and wrap in a million different styles.

  • Post Malone has always been my favorite, and I love him so him, for sure.

  • Maybe you would like talking too much about yourself.

  • You sure you're thinking about one right before we were supposed to shoot that you broke me first music video.

  • I was on this little radio tour and I got sent back to Canada, like in a day we didn't even know we were leaving and I got sent back.

  • You know, we hadn't found the music video yet.

  • We're supposed to the next week.

  • So they basically said, Take your phone and do something date because we can help you.

  • I basically went up with a friend, took my mom's car, take my phone to the front of her car, and my friend drove backwards on this random rooftop that we found.

  • And we literally just filmed the music video on video Start, which is the app you use when you're like seven and you make fake music videos and literally use that for a music video.

  • And it's just funny to look back like how many views it as considering it was literally filmed on kids app.

  • It's really funny.

  • E Ah, huge moment for me was, I think Forbes, 30 under 30 just in honor, to be in that category with those those people and making the billboard charts for the first time.

  • That was a huge, huge dream of mine, and I remember like sometimes they look back in my notes because I do little journal entries, and that was like a huge goal of mine was make the Billboard charts, and I literally got to cross it off like a couple weeks ago, which is like a really weird feeling.

  • But so much has happened over the past couple of months, and it's weird to reflect.

  • I feel like I will never feel like I've made it.

  • I'm like the type of person that is never satisfied with what I do.

  • And no matter how awesome something is or or what I think of it, I'm just never I don't think I would be satisfied.

  • I think I would define myself is accomplishing some of my biggest goals like one of my biggest dreams was to perform in an award show and that that happened, like a month ago, singing and dancing at the same time.

  • It's something that I hadn't really been exposed Thio.

  • And when things air live, and when things are legit and you're going on stage and you're like all right, you're about to be after Alicia Keys there's definitely some stress on the table, and that's what kind of blows my mind is just little goals that I set for myself, you know, like coming true.

  • It's a weird feeling e have a lot of big goals.

  • I have since I was really young.

  • When I first started making goals, I said, I'm gonna make it onto one Spotify playlist like they're small goals.

  • But then they actually, once you get to cross them off, it's like a all right now.

  • I could make other goals, and I'm constantly doing that.

  • One of my biggest goals is obviously perform at the Grammys, but I mean, that's like a really far fetched ical.

  • But it's it's still in my notes.

  • E always like picture.

  • How would you wake up in five years and I'll be your dreams?

  • S o.

  • I think for me I would want to be living in L.

  • A definitely pursuing music, filming music videos in the studio, hopefully have an album out and just be super proud of everything I put out and being a really happy place.

  • It's literally all I want.

I think I was just kind of freaking out because it was something that I'd really love to dio.

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