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  • got rats.

  • Get out of bed.

  • It's so early and it's Saturday.

  • Thanks for the time and date.

  • Now over two.

  • Stormy for the weather.

  • It's raining the city, Paul.

  • They're coming to inspect.

  • You gotta go in, clean this whole place up.

  • Aren't they supposed to give a couple of days notice?

  • Aren't I supposed to be married to George Clooney?

  • Get out of bed and start clean, please.

  • George Clooney.

  • Exactly.

  • Girlfriend.

  • Exactly.

  • No breakfast until this place is spotless.

  • I hate her so much.

  • And he find any loose change over a nickel?

  • It's mine.

  • I was having the best dream.

  • I was ice skating on riel live.

  • I save your dreams for good stuff.

  • Like shopping with an unlimited credit card.

  • Someone can.

  • We're flying to the moon in a rocket ship.

  • All things that will never happen.

  • Now clean, like your life depends on it.

  • Because it does.

  • It's the hard knock life.

  • It's the hard knock life.

  • It's a hard knock life.

  • Yeah, it's the hard knock life.

  • Wait, What does hard knock life mean?

  • It means our life sucks.

  • Oh, then yes.

  • Hard.

  • Not for us.

  • It's our Yeah stat Treating yeah started Yeah.

  • Singing and more Cleaning and make sure my bathroom shine.

  • But don't just my medicine cabinet.

  • It's hard.

  • Not for us.

  • It's hard.

  • Not got a treat.

  • Ready What she wanted.

  • Other talent.

  • Bye.

  • No one now just a nagging three.

got rats.

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Annie (2014) - It's the Hard Knock Life Scene (3/9) | Movieclips

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