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  •  SECRETS of the Sub Conscious18 July 2008

  • This is the subconscious mind, and I'm here giving direct perspective of my design, manifestation and purpose.

  •  Alright – I, the subconscious mind is in the manifested design of an oval shape-form.

  • Now, unlike the conscious and the unconscious mind, I don't have structures per se;

  • I basically exist in an oval shape metallic form and within,

  • I am activated with electricity. So, I exist as electrified information threads.

  • And there are millions of threads filled with information.

  •  Now, this information consists of everything and all that you have actually, physically seen in your reality,

  • and your experience within what you've seen

  • that, I basically absorb and thensave'

  • within myself as the subconscious mind and within an oval shape-form consisting of electrified information threads.

  • It's little threads, lots of them, aligned in an almost

  • gridline structurebut not entirely, it's like lots of threads

  • moving vertically, horizontally, diagonally

  • and within the threads there are colorful arrays of different captured experiences of yourself within this reality or world according to what you've seen.

  •  And then also, within that, like,

  • you can say that I have an archive of your interpretation,

  • your perception of yourself and your reality within which you experience yourself.

  • Because it's fascinating, it's like

  • you're walking outside your house

  • and each human being is a different environment as they walk outside their house or building to the outside

  • and, it's fascinating because you're, like, 『aware'/ 『conscious' from a mind perspective of your surroundings,

  • of what's going on around youand every sound, every word, every movement, every fucking thing you see,

  • all your senses basically send electrical waves through your entire human physical body and those waves

  • I capture and save within the unconscious mind design,

  • and within that sensation of your five senses, as the electricity that moves through your physical body, goes a picture,

  • fascinatingly enough.

  •  So

  • this whole fucked up idea thing that what you see is an illusion,

  • thatthis reality is not real' –

  • is bullshit,

  • please, what you touch, here, in this realityfucking you're touching it,it is real.

  • What is the illusion, what is not real is your interpreted experience within it, that's not real.

  • Whatever you experience inside yourself, that's an illusion, that's what's not real

  • this fucking reality is real.

  •  And basically any being that saysoh, what you see is an illusion, this reality is an illusion, it's not real'

  • is basically trying or attempting to find a way to hide from the actual consequential experiences

  • that they know they will and must face because of what they've participated within, within themselves, as the illusion as which is not real.

  •  So, basically, this whole idea of this reality not being real is a diversion tactic to say:

  • but what I experience inside of me, that's real,

  • what's here as this reality, this world, ah, that's not real'

  • that's a whole diversion fucked up tactic.

  •  So, what must be understood is that I as the subconscious mind play quite an important role

  • in having you maintain your illusion inside yourself of yourself as according to what you experience.

  • And that all exists in your subconscious mind.

  • I make what you experience inside yourself seem real, that's my purpose -

  • where you think that what is here as what you touch is not real,

  • but what you experience inside yourself is real, when it's actually the other way around.

  •  And everything that youand this is what is awesome about me as the subconscious mind, is that

  • everything [that] you experience inside yourself;

  • any movement, any thought, any reactionthere's a story behind it, a long one, always.

  • The deception within human beings is so great,so extensive

  • that you think that all that exists inside yourself is what you experience inside yourself in the moment.

  • Oh no, there is existences as layers

  • behind everything that you do, everything that you say, everything that you feel, everything that you experience and

  • that's of the mind system construct design.

  •  So, I'm the subconscious mind. (I've got limited amount of time.) So,

  • my purpose is to have you believe that what you experience inside yourself-and this is anything - is real, that is my purpose,

  • when it is actually not.

  • My design is: I'm in an oval shape of form,

  • I exist as colorful threads of information designs, usually in little pixel-formations,

  • which is alwayscharged', so to speak, because

  • even if you participate, for instance, in one thought or one reaction, everything of your entire mind activates, everything

  • and so you're lost within theoverwhelmingness' of what I as the subconscious mind, the conscious and the unconscious mind represent.

  •  But the point which is important, of course in this entire conversation, which is the one point, is that

  • that which you touch in this reality, is what is real;

  • what you think and believe you experience inside yourself, anything at allthat's not real.

  • As long as you experience something inside yourself: it's the mind.

  •  Thank you very much.

 SECRETS of the Sub Conscious18 July 2008

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Secrets of the subconscious

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