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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Anxiety - The Design of Anxiety
This is the design of anxiety
communicating about anxiety
anxiety is a very fascinating manifestation, it originates from the solar plexus
and then forms a- a V-shape manifestation within your human physical body
so it originates from your solar plexus which is right here
and then it stretches out, and then it manifest at these two points right here (chest)
now these specific two points I am indicating right here- is
the petrification of the future which is fear of the future
now, the underline nature of fear of the future is fear of death
now, I am presenting you the secret to the fear of death
the fear of death, is the anxiety that has been implanted integrated
manifested and infused into your entire mind consciousness system
now what is interesting, what each human being will find within this processes- is that
you'll realize that everything within you, it looks like
it starts with for instance anxiety, and from anxiety
can look in your world and there will be so many points aspects circumstances events
and people- that
ignite this anxiety within you
but as you walk through your process and you apply self-forgiveness
and self-application in every moment, together with living self-honesty
you will- start realizing that
you will get to a point you'll just see anxiety
there will be nothing else, just this anxiety
and that it is in that realization- that
it is always just been this anxiety of the mind consciousness system, that has been here
but that anxiety has been connected by me through my allowance
to other separated manifestation and sources- from me
so it is literally self-forgiveness and together with self-application and living self-honesty
disconnects this entire system you have built upon anxiety
and the same goes for any other emotion and feeling
it really looks like a tree
it's a ball of anxiety in your center of your solar plexus
from that these relationships that grow up and grow up
and you have this line and there is a picture, from that picture there is another line and
it is massive! and huge this within human beings
so as you apply forgiveness you start
completely removing this entire tree system within you
and when you get to the source which is just the anxiety
and then from there you will realize: I am not this anxiety
and then with that realization
you let it go
and you stop
so that's why it is a process
because if I were to just remove this entire ball of anxiety with all your connections
which just literally looks like a tree, within human beings
you would die
because that entire system has become you
so, how does this process work?
with self-forgiveness and self-application in every moment
you dislocate this entire system, you stop it, you remove it
you open it up you- erase it with self-forgiveness and self-application
because you! human beings
I'm able to say to you right here you are not anxiety
but those words means absolutely nothing to you
you have to speak such words for yourself, as an experience of yourself
as a realization of yourself
that you- are able to live and experience and express in every moment
so- because seriously have a look
if you alone for yourself by yourself dislocate this whole anxiety system for instance
you'll understand how it works
you will know! how it works, you will see how it works
and then you will not allow it again
because you know, if you are going to again fall into anxiety trap
you're going to build up that whole system again
so your self-focus and self-responsibility and not allowing yourself to then
after your realization of this entire anxiety system
that after you realize that this is not who I am and you
apply self-forgiveness you apply yourself and you realize this and you let it go
you will make sure you do not allow that again
because you have gone through the experience of that self-forgiveness and self-application
and therefore you will not allow and accept self-fall
excuse me
but even if you do fall
ok, all you have to do is stand up and start over again but after awhile
if you still allow yourself to fall and you accept and allow yourself to fall
you will get to a point where you will say: This is enough
and you will not accept and allow yourself to fall
so this is the design of anxiety
I am really just a ball of anxiety of your entire mind consciousness system
existing within your solar plexus, connected to your two petrification of future points
which is actually fear of death
which is- fear of the mind not existing anymore because
fear of the mind not existing anymore is actually stating that
you're fearing you! not existing anymore
therefore human beings, it is a process
it is taking all those trees anxiety fear anger all those balls with
those tree like manifestation, systems connected to them
and remove everyone step by step- slowly but surely
self-forgiveness self-application self-honesty
being specific effective, diligent in every moment
and human beings
have fun
this is a very fascinating intriguing and interesting process especially
if you do it for yourself
as you for you
thank you very much, this is the design of anxiety
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The Design of Anxiety

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Hhart Budha published on June 10, 2014
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