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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: The Time Trap
I'm here to communicate about, 'the time trap'.
On a 'greater scale', the time trap, is this 'entire manifested universe'
'existence', in itself this, 'reality', within which you, 'experience' yourself, apparently.
See 'time', in itself,
is a, manifestation of, 'cycles'.
What are cycles?
From a personal, 'individual' perspective an, example of a cycle would be, if you
'Start' a relationship with a 'being', a relationship, then is a starting point of a 'cycle',
you experience the relationship the relationship 'ends',
and that's the end of a cycle.
Now whatever you experience in this reality
or remains as a manifested 'memory' within your mind, and that's what-
how your mind 'functions' you, your mind 'stores', all your experiences
'that' you, have, in this reality as an 'actual reality' inside yourself.
So, 'time continues' so to speak, inside yourself
within your mind consciousness system.
Meaning that you, 'believe' that you, your experience the day 'before', is gone!
Actually it's Not! it is still running 'inside of you'. constantly, and continuously.
So, as I have explained, to you said, an example of a cycle would be:
'the beginning' of a relationship, and then 'the end' of that relationship.
That experience of 'entering it', and that experience of 'ending it', which is
very 'defined' events, that takes place.
the beginning the 'whole experience', and then the end 'that whole experience'.
Which, usually doesn't ended, very-
So that's one cycle, and you think or believe you know:
It's in the past, it doesn't existed anymore! But! that whole experience is (loop), 'continuing'
Inside you within the mind consciousness system like, 'a replay', that literally takes place,
and you're experience within it, 'everything', still exist in 'Here'.
and Now! the beginning of, 'another cycle' would- of course, naturally be you, again!
starting a, 'new relationship'.
and 'so you' entering to the relation, the relationship 'continue' the relationship 'ends'
and, that's the end of another cycle.
and now these cycles, within yourself, as 'actual events' orientated experiences,
that had a, 'definitive beginning', and end. constantly and continuously,
Run, amok, inside you, within and as the mind consciousness system,
as constant continuous, 'real-time, reality re-place'.
and the same goes within, 'existence', itself within this reality as, 'humanity as a whole'!
goes through 'stages', which you refer to as 'eras', where you, apparently 'evolved'.
and these are, primarly, merely just 'cycles' coming from-
going from a 'beginning(right), to an end',
and then you, going to your 'next era' which you refer to, as 'evolution'
which is 'actually, merely, already'- pre-programmed cycled! 'designs'
to, give human beings, within and as their 'mind',
perception of 'advancement', and the perception of 'movement'.
When, you're actually not "moving", you're not "advancing" and you're not, "evolving"
In anyway whatsoever! you are 'remaining', within the exact! same! cycles!
and that! is the trap of time.
You think or believe that, 'through time', you are, moving, 'advancing - evolving'
When actually it is, but mere, 'already pre-programmed' manifested cycles!
Coming to a b- 'from a beginning', going to an end. back to beginning, going to an end.
back to beginning-going to an end! and that's it.
and all these, manifested 'cyclic experiences', are stored
within and as your mind consciousness system, as 'alternated manifested realities'
that, constantly move from a beginning, to an end. beginning to an end. Why?
It is like 'saving', your experiences you have in this reality 'as a database'.
So that 'to ensure', you remain 'stuck', in the exact same cycles
'over and over and over again'! all that 'changes' is the picture. (smile)
But you 'remain', in the exact same spot! in the exact same place!
as the 'exact same experience'. nothing changes! nothing has ever changed.
You've always, 'remained', in the exact same cycles.
All that 'changes' is the picture.
and, you've within your mind, 'design time',
as a perceptual idea, of movement, of advancement, of 'evolution'.
If time existed!
just, look at this one point.
If time existed. you would be 'Here' - 'stretched', Forward! and Backward! (overlap)
Because, that, would actually the manifested experience of 'time'!
You're "Here", all your past experiences is still manifested and attached to you!
You're like this "strip", that's (shoot) "drawn out", you're still "Here", as that strip
But, if you have a look at this reality, this world this existence, at this very moment
Is anything 'moving'?
Is this (arm) moving? No! it's manifested, physical, 'Here'! everything is just 'Here'.
There is no movement! there is no evolution, there is no,
There is nothing other, than, you 'Here', stuck! in 'time'! which is but 'cycles'
going from beginning, to an end! beginning, to an end! beginning to end! beginning, to an end!
and that's it.
'Lost and stuck', in the trap 'of time'.
Both within a personal individual 'level' and,
within, existence in it's entirety as all of humanity.
Thank you very much.
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The Time Trap

2410 Folder Collection
Hhart Budha published on June 10, 2014
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