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  • in Turkey there is a village where people talk through our whistle.

  • No need for words.

  • No need for what's app.

  • What is this village And why the heck do they do this?

  • What did they say?

  • When I was in Turkey, I hosted a meet up to greet Nass daily followers e love this place.

  • Ah, lot of people showed up and it was a fun conversation.

  • I onda At some 0.1 of the locals told me about a place where people don't need to use words.

  • They just whistle.

  • E thought this is fake news, but I still wanted to see it for myself.

  • Way.

  • What is it that a white.

  • Then how do you tell them where we're going?

  • So I took eight of my friends with me and we hopped on a plane toe northern turkey on Dhere.

  • We found this tiny, beautiful village called Chris Coy that has a population off 400 people.

  • Yeah.

  • Come, come, come, come.

  • You need to tell you guys something just in case.

  • We're here at this insane village.

  • It's beautiful.

  • There's eight people from God knows where.

  • I don't know what the fuck is happy Almost broke up with my girlfriend last night.

  • Yeah, it's insane.

  • Anyway, back to the story.

  • The minute we landed, we were greeted like this immediately.

  • We knew this may not be fake news.

  • Turns out every whistle sound means something.

  • Toe.

  • Understand this language?

  • You need to train your ears and to speak it.

  • You need to train your mouth.

  • It's a some point if you practice this enough, you can have short conversations without using a single word being the O e high high on E.

  • However you good e have a, uh Okay, Mrs Eso, Why did this language start here?

  • Well, just look at the village.

  • All the houses here are very far from each other.

  • So before technology, when they wanted to talk, they had to scream.

  • And over time they realized it's just easier to whistle.

  • Nowadays people just use WhatsApp so this language could die.

  • That's why they built an app just to teach the whistle language.

  • Eso kids can continue this tradition for hundreds of years to come.

  • Oh, how crazy is this world in this village?

  • They don't speak English, but they whistle really, really well.

  • And that was all we needed to see, that's more than a minute.

  • See you soon.

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in Turkey there is a village where people talk through our whistle.

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