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♪ What, what, what, what ♪
Yes! I love this song!
I love this song.
I didn't know there was a video, though.
Oh, is this, like, Macklemore or whatever?
Really? Macklemore?
- (lip-syncing along) - ♪ I'm gonna pop some tags ♪
♪ Only got $20 in my pocket ♪
♪ I-I-I'm hunting ♪
- (singing along) - ♪ Looking for a come-up ♪
♪ This is (bleep) awesome ♪
- (singing along) - ♪ Nah, walk up to the club like ♪
♪ "What up? I got a big (bleep)!" ♪
(chuckling) Oh! What?
Is this, like, seriously the only rap song that I really like?
- ♪ Damn, that's a cold ass honkey ♪ - (sings along)
Macklemore. So sexy.
I never knew he was white until now.
I had no idea that a white guy did this.
♪ Probably shoulda washed this ♪
♪ Smells like R. Kelly's sheets ♪
- ♪ Piiisssssss ♪ - Oh, God.
♪ I'ma take your grandpa's style ♪
♪ I'ma take your grandpa's style ♪
♪ No, for real-- ask your grandpa ♪
♪ Can I have his hand-me-downs? ♪
♪ I could take some Pro Wings ♪
- ♪ Make them cool, sell those ♪ - (chuckles)
♪ The sneaker heads would be like ♪
- (lip-syncing along) - ♪ Aw, he got the Velcros ♪
Why is there a-- what? That woman is scaring me.
Aw, she's fine. She's very, very attractive.
Oh, my God. She looks like a lobster.
♪ This is (bleep) awesome ♪
♪ Your grammy, your aunty ♪
♪ Your momma, your mammy ♪
♪ I'll take those flannel zebra jammies, secondhand ♪
- ♪ I rock that mother(bleep) ♪ - (sings along)
♪ The built-in onesie with the socks ♪
- ♪ On that mother(bleep) ♪ - Yeah, I want those Batman onesies.
I want a pair of those now.
♪ They be like, "Oh, that Gucci ♪
♪ That's hella tight" ♪
♪ I'm like, "Yo ♪
♪ That's $50 for a T-shirt" ♪
See, I'm all about the $50 T-shirts.
I'm trying to rock some Gucci.
He's like the first white guy
that can actually rap after Eminem.
- ♪ I wear your granddad's clothes ♪ - (lip-syncs along)
- (singing along) - ♪ I look incredible ♪
- ♪ I'm in this big ass coat ♪ - (singing along)
♪ From that thrift shop down the road ♪
♪ I'm gonna pop some tags ♪
♪ Only got $20 in my pocket ♪
♪ I-I-I'm hunting ♪
♪ Looking for a come-up ♪
♪ This is (bleep) awesome ♪
That was effing awesome.
I love that! It's so good.
It's just-- he's awesome. (giggles)
That looks like that would've been fun.
I would have loved to be a part of that music video.
(Finebros) What song was that?
- "Thrift Shop." - "Thrift Shop."
That was "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore.
Me and my mom, we blast that in the car,
and we'll drive down the road like, "What's up?"
(Finebros) Do you like the song?
I don't know if I like it,
but it definitely gets stuck in my head a lot.
It's a little too raunchy for me.
Yes. I like this song.
I love this song!
I love this song! I love "Thrift Shop"!
It's a good song, but I just think it's, like, overplayed.
(Finebros) Why do you think it is such a good song?
'Cause it's so fetch.
I like the beat of it. It's like... (hums beat)
Most rap music is just like, "Swag, swag, YOLO."
But his lyrics are actually pretty good.
I like the message, like, it was conveying.
It's okay to shop at thrift stores.
(Finebros) Do you think that there's a deeper meaning to, like,
what he's trying to talk about when it comes to thrift shops?
Be original.
You don't need a lot of money to look good.
It's really cool to be poor! I love it! It's awesome!
Bro, you gotta be your own person.
Go to the thrift shop;
it's like $2 for that exact same shirt, you know?
Clothes these days are super expensive.
$60 for, like, probably like this, but this is my sister's,
so I don't care what she paid for it 'cause I stole it from her.
(Finebros) Do you shop for clothes in thrift shops?
No, I don't.
I don't really go to thrift shops.
I haven't, but now I'm tempted to go do it.
All the time.
Like, everything I'm wearing-- thrift shops.
Yes, I do.
Do I look like the kind of person that would wear Gucci
and all this stuff? No.
There's nothing wrong with it,
and I think a part of me also is, like--
likes to shop at thrift stores 'cause it's the "trend" now.
No, my mom does all my shopping. I don't buy any clothes.
I'm lazy and I don't care what I wear.
(Finebros) What are your thoughts about
clothes being so expensive
depending on the brand and company that makes it?
I think it's ridiculous.
It's dumb.
People think you need expensive clothes to be popular.
Like, okay, I can get a bathing suit at Target for $20,
and then, if I want to get one from Victoria's Secret,
it's, like, $100 for this little piece of fabric.
I love designer clothes.
A Gucci shirt is, like, $300.
The quality of that shirt is a lot better than a Target V-neck.
You see people walking down the street;
you can judge them because of what brand they're wearing?
I can't stand that.
I just think if you like it and you want to wear it, wear it.
It shouldn't matter what brand it is.
- (clank) - Truth!
(Finebros) How often do you shop for clothes?
Maybe once a month.
Probably every few months.
Usually, I'll go when my grandparents are in town,
'cause, you know, grandparents, they spoil you.
A lot. All the time.
A lot. (laughs)
I have a problem. I'm addicted to clothes.
Do I have to answer that question?
Oh, dude, it's bad. Every weekend, probably.
(Finebros) Why so often?
I don't know. It's just like a girl thing.
Girls, they get bored with their clothes.
For me, it's like I want to wear what, like,
the celebrities wear.
So, like, I'll go spend more money on something
just so I can look like them.
I consider it a hobby.
Ugh, it's bad.
(Finebros) Why is it, this constant obsession
with needing to get new clothes all the time?
Why not, you know?
You want to look good to impress people.
Because this is a materialistic consumer society,
and I have learned the ways of it.
I don't want to wear something twice.
I pick out an outfit that I think looks good on me,
and then I will literally wear it every single day.
It's not like it's dirty or anything. It's perfectly clean.
But when you wear something every single day,
it gets to a point where people around you are like,
"Why do you keep wearing the same clothes every day?"
I think in my head, some people don't have any clothes,
so why is it such a big deal
I wear the same thing every single day?
I think people just really want attention
with the clothing that they wear.
(Finebros) So, back to song,
one of the lyrics is, "I wear your granddad's clothes.
I look incredible."
Would you ever wear your grandparents' clothes to school?
- Hell yeah. - Yeah.
My granddad's not the...
the most stylish kinda guy.
I'm Middle Eastern,
and the clothes are really different and low-key.
They might think I'm a terrorist.
(Finebros) Macklemore has stayed independent his entire career,
and he hasn't signed with a major record label.
What do you think about that?
Well, I think it he wants to make this a career,
he's gonna have to sign with a record label.
I'm not so sure that he won't join a record label.
That's actually kind of inspirational.
I don't really know how important it is to have a label.
I don't think you need to sign with somebody major.
Sometimes that's worse.
There's a lot of rappers now
that like to stay independent and underground.
I like the messages that come out of the more independent people
than the mainstream people.
Big corporate people might tell you to,
"Oh, change this, change that."
I don't get why they say that, 'cause they're not the artists.
They're the guys in the suits
who went to law school or whatever. So, keep that to yourself,
and Macklemore should just keep doing what he's doing.
(Finebros) This song has become number-one in the charts
and has over 60 million views.
Why do you think this became so mainstream?
Because he's not talking about boobs or ass or like,
"I'ma (bleep) you," you know?
I think a lot of people relate to the lyrics.
Thrift shops are a really big thing,
and people can relate to that.
Radio turns everything, like, mainstream.
For one thing, it is a funny song, and people
have a little humor in their life every one in a while.
I don't know. I really don't know what it is.
I just really like it. (chuckles)
Like, it's so weird for me to like something like that.
Hope you guys enjoyed this episode of "Teens React."
Have a video that you want us to watch next?
Leave it in the comments below!
Subscribe. Come on.
Do it. I'm not playing.
How do you have a party in space?
You "planet." Ah. (giggles)
- Until next time. - Ciao.
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TEENS REACT TO THRIFT SHOP (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis)

2281 Folder Collection
Bryan Pai published on July 9, 2014
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