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  • Yeah, When I first started, I was like, Oh, my goodness, it's sorry.

  • Tiny.

  • Yeah, we were also fielded a team to find this because yet we're quite concerned that there wasn't any left on the island after bushfires.

  • And yes, so it's exciting that they must still be there.

  • E way between six and 8 g.

  • It's only found in Tasmania and small parts off Victoria and South Australia.

  • Andan also obviously Kangaroo Island.

  • Quite a few colleges on the island were quite concerned that they hadn't made it through the fires.

  • Yeah, I think it's about 93% off the little piggy foursome Habitat has been burnt.

  • They like their stick dense habitat, and that's really gone up in the West End on.

  • Luckily, in this area that we were serving, it still has this Bush land left.

  • But yeah, this was just an exciting little discovery.

  • We'll wait with three former survey, so there definitely could be more out there.

  • And now that we know a bit more about the pygmy possum and can also go back to our camera data analysis and see if we can maybe find some more records off the little Pygmy possum Theo.

  • Big thing about Kangaroo Island is because we are an island.

  • We have a stronghold for these species.

  • It's gonna be a few years before we really know their full extent off the impact off the bushfires.

  • And then we are now facing another bushfire season.

  • So it's very important to look after these guys and just sort out what's going on with them after the fires.

Yeah, When I first started, I was like, Oh, my goodness, it's sorry.

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Tiny possum species found alive after bushfires - BBC News

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/16
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