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On your mark...get set...
♪ we're riding on the internet ♪
Oh my god.
Whoa! What is this?
♪ ...Your reality ♪
♪ You're goin' surfin' on the internet! ♪
Today we're gonna be showing our friends Andrew and Lisa
the basics of the internet
and we thought you might want to come along.
Hey, it'll be cool!
The internet gave us a whole world of exciting new possibilities.
Not only do they play the typical computer games--
Their clothes and this computer is just so old! What is this?
Having the internet in our home has had a great impact on our lives.
Oh, okay.
Rick keeps up with the stock market and our investments,
and I'm able to pay the bills in half the time it used to take me.
Is this a commercial for the internet?
This isn't supposed to be funny!
Don't worry, though, it's still cool
and it's not just for boys either.
- ♪ You're goin' surfin' on the internet! ♪ - What?
- That theme. - (girl) Hi guys!
Dad's just leaving and mom said we can have
- the computer all to ourselves. - This is such bad acting.
...have done some of their school reports and not all of that cybernet stuff, okay?
- See ya' later, kids. I'll be home early. - Bye!
I can't...just can't. (laughs)
It's so cheesy!
What's a web page? Something ducks walk on?
What the f--?!
Let's start with the basics first.
- There are three important-- - Hold on.
Let me just go shoot myself real quick.
Surfing the World Wide Web.
Surfing?! That sounds pretty cool already!
Andrew, don't interrupt.
- Then there are-- - (laughter) What a [bitch].
And then there's e-mail.
E-mail? I heard that's really neat.
My cousin has a pen pal in Sweden and they write back and forth
and it transmits right away and doesn't cost anything.
- Yeah-- - That's neato.
You can even talk with people all over the world on chatlines!
Little did they know of the pedophiles behind the screen.
- And web addresses start with http://-- - Now, you don't have to do that anymore.
You just type it in. You don't need it anymore.
You type in w-w-w.
Does your computer have a modem?
I think so. My grandpa bought it for us.
- (girl) It has all the latest-- - She looks like she's reading lines.
- (boy) It sounds like-- - I think so, my grandpa bought it for me!
But you might get your folks to help just to make sure everything's working okay.
Now we need to open our browser.
- (girl) What's a browser? - Geeze.
- (girl) It's an application-- - My three year old cousin has an iPad.
If he watches this, he'd be like, "What are they talking about?"
Microsoft Internet Explorer came with our computer.
Don't use Internet Explorer!
- (girl) Netscape Navigator-- - Oh, apparently that went out of business.
- What is downloading? - That's simple!
It means to transfer a file of information from a main computer
or server to your computer.
So that's how you get connected to the internet.
How long is this? How long?
I need to do a school project on ancient Egypt.
- What kid looks up Egypt? - (girl) Do you have anything on it...
..under countries?
Let's see...
- First we check around Around the World-- - Oy.
(boy) Next, countries... and there it is! Egypt.
♪ (Arabic music) ♪
I can't believe how easy it is to surf the net!
The typical abbreviations go like this:
.com for commercial--
- Did not know that, actually. - .gov for Government
- and .org for organization-- - Ugggh, I can't even take it!!
I can't believe how easy it is to get onto the internet.
When you hear my parents talking about it, it sounds it'd be so hard.
Oh, more! Great.
We'll let's say I wanna use e-mail.
Ooh, what's an e-mail? I've never heard of that!
- www.juno.com-- - Never heard of it.
- And www.mailzone.com. - Never heard of it.
I used to have AOL and I thought that was old.
I can't go another day without the internet!
- Call me the minute you get an e-mail address. - Okay!
And Andrew, we can play interactive games on the net together!
- Oh wow, boyee! - (girl) Bye.
(together) Surfs up, see you on the Net!
(Finebros snickers)
That was the worst video I've ever seen.
See you on the Net. Ha!
(Finebros) So can you explain what you just watched?
It was, like, ugh..it was an instructional video.
A tutorial on how to surf the Net.
That I had no use for 'cause it's extremely outdated
and I already know what to do.
(Finebros) How would you describe the video's production?
It was SO old.
That was terrible.
The music is so cheesy and the lines are so cheesy.
Surfing sounds fun already!
Who comes up with the lines for this?
If that kid was standing right here in front of me and he said that
I would be so tempted to punch him directly in the face.
(Finebros) Why is it funny to see a video treating the internet
like it's something that needs to be explained and taught?
'Cause I guess...I was kinda born into the internet age.
I've always known the internet.
It's like a joke to you because you're like, "I know this."
This is pathetic. How do you not know any of this?
The internet is self-explanatory.
You can hand a five year old an iPad and they'll already be sending e-mails.
- This is a terrible video. Just so bad! - (Finebros laugh)
I doubt anyone learned anything from this.
The puns were awful.
But in reality back then that video was probably really helpful.
Like, "Oh! Internet provider, I should go there."
(Finebros) Be honest. Did you learn something in the video that you didn't know?
No. I knew everything.
I learned that there were older browsers and stuff I've never heard of.
I learned that .com is commercial.
I never knew what .com was for.
It's really, really useful stuff, you know?
I always needed to know that it meant commercial.
(Finebros) Do you find it interesting that there's something like the internet
that you use all the time, but you don't actually know how it fully works?
- You just use it? - Uh...wow. God, you're gonna ffff--
Ugggh, I don't like thinking about this type of stuff!
Why should I spend the time when there are people who get paid to do that?
I don't get paid to do that!
I don't know how anything works.
I don't even know how a camera works or a fridge
or a sink, but they're just there. You just know how to use them.
(Finebros) Do you remember the first time you used the internet?
I actually don't 'cause I've been using it my whole life.
I can't remember a time where I haven't touched a keyboard.
Probably World of Warcraft.
Websites like Nickelodeon, stuff like that.
Before YouTube even existed.
It was this site called "stupid videos".
(singing) Stupid videos.
I went on Barbie.com.
My older sister, she went on Barbie.
She would get off and I'd sneak on and be like,
"This is amazing!"
(Finebros) Let's test some of your internet knowledge.
Oh, gee--dang it!
- (Finebros) Do you know what a modem is? - No.
A modem is something in the computer?
I don't know what it does, but it's something that connects me to the internet!
It's the thing your internet goes from, comes from, right?
Uh...is it basically what it is?
(Finebros) So right now, if I said, "Hey! Let's go on the internet,"
what would you have to do?
I turn on the computer and I go on the internet.
Turn on my computer and then click Google Chrome or Internet Explorer
or Fire Fox and then I'd be on the internet.
(Finebros) Well, it used to be I'd turn on the computer,
I'd go to the internet, and I'd have to dial.
I'm gonna play for you the noises that you'd hear every time
you'd connect to the internet.
(high pitched beeping noises)
It sounds like a fax machine.
It sounds like you're trying like to talk to aliens.
See, we put this in our music.
This is like some of the dubstep I listen to. Trap.
That's annoying.
And you'd have to wait with that?
Oh my gosh, no. That would drive me crazy.
I would give up.
And now you're online.
Oh. Look, I've made it to Google!
- (Finebros) There was no Google. - Oh.
I'll stick to my phone.
- (Finebros) There was no cellphone then! - God dang it.
(Finebros) And you had to connect it to your landline,
so no one could use the phone if you were on the internet
and you couldn't go on the internet if someone was on the phone.
What?! Why?
The struggle! (laughter)
Bad, bad memories.
My mom was on the phone with someone a solid two hours!
(mimics mom) Ethan, get off the internet! Get off the computer, I need the phone!
- No, mom! I'm trying to play Barbie. - (Finebros cracks up)
(Finebros) Have you ever heard of services called Minitel,
- Prodigy, or American Online? - No.
America Online? No, I've never heard of any of those.
- (Finebros) Have you heard of AOL? - Yeah!
- Yeah, yeah. - (Finebros) America Online, that's AOL.
That's what it means?
I-I-I didn't know that!
(Finebros) Before there was easy access to the internet we know today,
there were services that you'd use to go online and have access
to things like e-mail and news, but only a select amount of things
were available.
You even had to pay for it by the month, sometimes even by the hour.
Hell no, I'm not paying for e-mail.
It's so weird that you just didn't have everything.
You had to actually sign up for stuff and if they weren't on AOL,
if they were on, what was it, Prodigy or something,
you couldn't interact?
We take the things we have for granted now a days.
YouTube and Google is like my life!
I'm nothing without those things! What would I be doing in the 90s?
It's hard to wrap your mind around how far we've gotten since then.
(Finebros) So last question: When you see something made
not that long ago, that is talking about how the brand new internet
and how it works, what do you think 15-20 years from now
people are gonna think about today's technology?
Probably gonna laugh and be like,
"Oh my god, the internet was so slow back then!"
They're probably glad they're not living in this generation.
It's gonna be the same reaction.
I think we're gonna laugh at it.
How could our computers be this thick, like that's so big!
They're all holograms...
like, "Hey, Julie! Remember Google? Yeah, I remember Google."
They're like touching the air and already knowing everything.
Oh god, someone's probably gonna like...
if someone sees this video, they're gonna be like,
"Man, I want to punch that kid right in the face."
They're gonna be able to teleport into the video!
And they're literally gonna be able to punch me in the face.
Welcome to the end screen page, where you can click on other things
to continue your online journey!
If you guys saw a video you saw on the internet, make sure to type
it in the comment box below this video.
If you wanna watch more use your mouse to click on any of the videos down below.
Surfs up, catch you on the Net!
Surfs up, see ya' on the Net!
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1715 Folder Collection
Bryan Pai published on July 9, 2014
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