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  • Since the introduction in the 19 fifties, automatic rice cookers have become a common kitchen appliance, especially in Chinese households.

  • So much so that many Chinese people have never cooked rice without a rice cooker.

  • Today we're challenging three Chinese people with different skill levels to arise.

  • Cook off plus some tips on how not to fail.

  • Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm a producer.

  • Fungal threat.

  • So today I'll be cooking rice without a rice Zika guys, uh, Vicky que eso?

  • I'm the chef of the restaurant here in Hong Kong.

  • No, we owe step one.

  • How much rice Thio number one e a step to wash the rice e have to wash the rice like four times e.

  • You'll see that tuna, right?

  • So I and is a little bit of water I've always been taught to do in a circular motion in one direction.

  • E don't know how much of a myth that is, but I follow.

  • It s so basically what we're trying to do is to remove all the excess starch Step three, putting in the right amount of water.

  • Okay.

  • I always know that I need to put in about this much water like until, like the first finger.

  • That's what my mom always told me.

  • I think a little trick that my mother showed me since I was young.

  • Everybody has their own little trick.

  • But for me it's always, always never failed.

  • So I want to show you that as well.

  • What I'm trying to do here is to put my finger on the side of the ball and I push it all the way to the middle.

  • On you will see the rice will stick up from the middle just a little bit.

  • Step far.

  • Turn up the heat, Put it up all the way.

  • 99% e.

  • Just what it boiled.

  • Systems.

  • This is a good reason.

  • A a a actually.

  • Oh, God, How our tithe.

  • The point is to turn on, turn on the heat as hot as possible and bring it to a boil.

  • So when it does boil, which is already coming back to a boil, Now you see the steam coming up.

  • And so I'd like to shake it just a little bit to make sure that it is even layer.

  • Okay.

  • And then you can already see this boiling on what I do now is to take a cover thrilling on it and turn it to as low as possible.

  • Then you set a timer.

  • 20 minute.

  • Did you forget about it?

  • Don't open it.

  • Touch it.

  • Don't look at it.

  • You just come back 20 minutes later on.

  • I guarantee you every time you will have the perfect rice with take a look at the mess.

  • Okay, so there was, like, a bit of, like, overflowing situation just now when I can't end it on e.

  • We're not just part of a rice.

  • They stop a little booth.

  • Step five, taste the rice lead.

  • Uh, Amanda, let's see how it taste.

  • This is like it's like, kind of like, stuck to each other.

  • E don't know what it is because I put my daughter because I didn't control the hero.

  • E didn't kinda.

  • Well, I'm kind of sticks to that booth.

  • Look how fluffy it is.

  • If it sticks a little bit on the bottom, it doesn't matter as long.

  • It's not burnt.

  • He's perfect.

  • The texture which exactly what you want in the rise.

  • Simple to So here's a recap of our top tips for cooking rice without a rice cooker.

  • one.

  • Wash your eyes until it sparkles to the water should reach the first knuckle of your index finger.

  • Three.

  • Turn up the heat to bottle water.

  • Four.

  • Let it simmer for 20 minutes.

  • No peeking.

  • Five.

  • Don't freak out.

  • If you see the rice sticking to the bottom that's normal.

  • Send us photos and videos of your cooking rice without a rice cooker to hello and go threat to dot com or check us on instagram at gold threat to okay, mhm.

Since the introduction in the 19 fifties, automatic rice cookers have become a common kitchen appliance, especially in Chinese households.

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Amateur, Pro, and Grandma Try Cooking Rice Without a Rice Cooker

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/15
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