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  • How did the Romans change Britain? Well, first off, by conquering itand conquering it

  • violently.

  • The Romans loved conquering other people. In fact, it kept the whole empire goingconquering

  • their neighbours gave Roman leaders a chance to steal booty, capture slaves, grab natural

  • resources like lead and tin, and generally look good in front of their mates and rivals.

  • In AD 43 the new Roman Emperor, Claudius, was in search of a scrap to cement his status,

  • and so he plotted his invasion of Britainan island the Romans had been eyeing up

  • for some time. He sent 40,000 soldiers over the Channel and they quickly defeated the

  • tribes in the south east. Once it was safe, the emperor popped across to Britain to soak

  • up the praise and show off his elephants.

  • Some tribal leaders gave in to the empire rather than try to fight it, but not everyone

  • was happy. The Druids helped to organise the resistance against the Romans, and queen Boudicca

  • led a huge revolt in AD 60.

  • But the Romans didn't mess about.

  • They beat Boudicca in battle, destroyed the druidsand brought the bulk of Britain

  • under their control.

  • But Roman soldiers were more than just fearsome fightersthey were brilliant builders.

  • Forts were their speciality, and they built hundreds of them across the province.

  • The Romans also loved their roads. They built over 8,000 miles of them in the first century

  • AD alone, and many of our roads today still follow old Roman routes.

  • But the biggest, baddest structure in Roman Britain was Hadrian's Wall. It was a whopping

  • 73 miles long, and in places it was up to six metres high and three metres thick. No

  • wonder it took 15,000 men about six years to build!

  • The Romans founded some terrific towns too, like London, York, Bath and Chester.

  • On a trip into town you could shop on the high street, worship gods at the temples,

  • grab a burger from a takeaway, have a kip in a hotel, and go for a wash and a gossip

  • at the heated public baths. A lot like towns today in factalthough unlike today, you

  • could also go to the amphitheatre to watch executions and animals being hunted!

  • The Romans brought new types of food to Britain, like apples, pears, plums, cucumbers and walnuts.

  • They brought a new languageLatin. They brought new ways of farming, new medicines

  • and new types of pottery.

  • Life for the rich had never been better. Wealthy Roman Britons built grand houses in towns

  • and Roman-style villas in the countryside, full of mosaic floors, fine wines and formal

  • gardens. They even had underfloor heating!

  • For most people in Roman Britain though, life didn't change too much. They were still

  • mostly farmers, and they still had to pay their landlords for the privilege of doing

  • all of the hard work.

  • When the Roman Army left Britain in 410 AD, many aspects of Roman life crumbled for everyone,

  • rich and poor. Towns and forts were abandoned, roads fell into disrepair, and large scale

  • industry collapsed without an economy to sustain it.

  • People adapted to the new reality, new leaders emerged and farmers kept on farming - but

  • after nearly 400 years, Roman Britain was in ruins.

How did the Romans change Britain? Well, first off, by conquering itand conquering it

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How Did The Romans Change Britain? | History in a Nutshell | Animated History

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