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  • well, officer, whatever it is I've done, I'm sure I can explain.

  • Explain this, you son of a bitch.

  • Oh, my God.

  • You know, but the penalty for animal cruelty is in this state.

  • No, sir, I don't.

  • Well, it's probably pretty stiff.

  • Oh, you can't think I do this on purpose, sir.

  • I look, I tied him to the rear bumper when I was packing the car.

  • It was very confusing.

  • I must have forgot.

  • I I'm very sorry.

  • I feel terrible.

  • How do you think that little dog feels?

  • Look, I told you I was sorry.

  • It really was an accident.

  • Yeah, well, I guess I could buy that, sir, but it is a shame.

  • I had a pooch like this one when I was a kid.

  • Poor little guy.

  • Probably kept up with you for a mile or so.

  • Tough little, but yeah, Yeah, I was afraid.

  • You get pulled over, Clark.

  • You've been exceeding the speed limit for thousands of miles.

  • Dad wasn't speeding.

  • The cops stopped us because Dad forgot that he was speeding.

  • Rusty, it wasn't Mom.

  • Russ, listen to your mother.

  • I was speeding, was driving like a maniac.

  • We could all be grateful to this man for stopping us.

  • You see, kids?

  • Carly, Sir, I'm going back to get the rest of the carcass off the road.

  • Thank you, officer.

  • See?

  • Have a nice day.

  • Sort of a special.

well, officer, whatever it is I've done, I'm sure I can explain.

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National Lampoon's Vacation (1983) - Tough Little Mutt Scene (4/10) | Movieclips

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