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  • Now it's time to see who have toe.

  • Now is the time to prove to yourselves and prove to everyone out there You are worthy of something Earth.

  • And you were able to do something special No one else in the world can Dio.

  • Every champion has felt it.

  • Go out there, take no prisoners have no regrets, have no fear Laid it all out on the line Every president has felt that every king has felt that every lion has felt it Every winner has felt it.

  • Every soldier has felt it.

  • Every victorious person has felt it.

  • Booth, you never say no.

  • You never say thank you.

  • God.

  • Don't you ever say out your mouth He can't get done.

  • You feel in your heart, It can't be done.

  • You all said I live.

  • You have a road.

  • Folks say that you can't let anything stop you from doing what you were calling you.

  • Get up.

  • Go fight on.

  • You must find a way to put stew pain to understand this.

  • On the other side of that, some of you have brains and visions and businesses and ideas and concepts and they're beautiful.

  • But until you pay the sacrifice e have to swear you can't have success where you have not had sacrifices.

  • Have to swear you won't get it just because you wanted just because you worth it.

  • Yeah.

  • You will succeed in the areas and to the degree of your sacrifice.

  • Not take the easy way to not give up based on instinct.

  • If you are forced to stand down to retreat so that you could rebuild and re attack so be it.

  • E don't care if you don't have the money.

  • You don't have to help You don't have a family for on You don't have the background for it on You don't have friends for it.

  • Don't you give up.

  • Don't drink.

  • But you do it.

  • Don't you do it.

  • Go.

  • You do it.

  • It may take twice as long.

  • You may have take courses and classes.

  • You might not read as fast.

  • You might not move it quick.

  • You might not have as much, but don't you?

  • Every champion has felt it.

  • Every president has felt it.

  • Every king has felt in every lion has felt it.

  • Every winner has felt it.

  • Every soldier has felt it.

  • Every victorious person has felt the urge.

Now it's time to see who have toe.

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