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  • He's a Dutch photographer who shoots the stars and the landscapes around him.

  • His images regularly appear in publications like National Geographic and several cameras, including some of CNN's own accompanied draws on a recent trip to Kyrgyzstan.

  • This is a country in Central Asia.

  • It's described by the CIA World Factbook as a land of incredible natural beauty and proud nomadic traditions draws.

  • His trip proves that one frame at a time.

  • Landscape photography is really my passion, So this trip is very unique for me because I'm exploring places that I have never been to.

  • But in some places, no one has ever been to.

  • I'm albatross.

  • I'm a professional landscape photographer from the Netherlands.

  • I organized a lot off photography workshops and photo tours.

  • I sell Prince.

  • I write for some magazines.

  • I write for photography blocks.

  • So through the whole year I'm working a lot.

  • But I also think it's very important to keep innovating, visit a new country, try to plan a crazy shot.

  • I just want to keep challenging myself.

  • My girlfriend is from Kyrgyzstan, and I met her in Amsterdam and before I met her.

  • Actually, I had almost never heard off this country.

  • When I was doing some research online, I was really drawn.

  • Uh, I wanted to explore it.

  • In Kyrgyzstan, you drive through areas with very interesting Kenyans.

  • You come to really empty plains where only some shepherds live.

  • You know, I wanted to see places that almost no one has been through.

  • And here I also marked some spots like right next to the road, you see, so I can lift the drone here.

  • And so it's also very close to each other.

  • You know, when I checked this, I didn't know that this part, if it's a road or rich or very actually, yeah, and you can drive there.

  • E picked this timing for the strip specifically to shoot some stars and Milky Way shots.

  • So during the day, we usually scout around, do some shots with the drone.

  • I use Google Earth, but also planning apse for my phone and for the computer Milky Way three o'clock this direction during the night.

  • I will then go there to photograph them.

  • Oh, the fun thing.

  • And also the challenging thing about these shots ISS that we planned them together and we execute them during the night.

  • It's pitch black and its around minus 10 degrees.

  • It za bit difficult in the beginning when you have to wake up at three or 4 a.m. But once you're out there, it's just beautiful.

  • See thin.

  • If you would send here mhm, it's also nice.

  • Yes, like this.

  • Yeah, good In these canyons, there's a lot of interesting structures, and you can really play with light.

  • We're using teamers headlamp to light up this rock, which we actually called the iceberg, and it gives a really magical effect.

  • It looks really like a science fiction poster.

  • We also brought in old oil lamp that we would use to light up a scene, and it gives a very nice soft light result in the frame.

  • The scenery is they offer so much possibilities for night shootings.

  • But the end result is not only the picture.

  • You see, it's the whole experience that we had taking this picture.

  • So in this country you can really find beauty anywhere.

  • Mhm.

  • When we're driving around, I look out the window and often I just see scenes.

  • I saw this really beautiful three against this huge mountain backdrop on.

  • There were some horses walking around We also visit Water Reservoir, Big Lake, which was partly frozen.

  • I could fly the drone and see top down.

  • Very interesting contrast between the landscapes, amazing textures from the sky.

  • And it's very easy here in Kyrgyzstan.

  • On most of the roads, you can just stop, get out, take the shot.

  • Seems like this.

  • They're totally unplanned.

  • Sometimes you will get great shots just from that through my images, especially from a place like this that not that many people have seen.

  • I want to show how beautiful these places are, and that is definitely worth to visit.

  • The hospitality everywhere is very good, and the locals here in general.

  • It's like you go back in time.

  • They live in the mountains.

  • It's beautiful nature around them.

  • It's very interesting to see how these people live.

  • What impressed me the most was really that you have all these different kind of landscapes.

  • Just in one place.

  • Kenyans like in Utah, the mountains that we have in Europe, peaks that you see in the Himalaya.

He's a Dutch photographer who shoots the stars and the landscapes around him.

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