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  • okay from Mitsuko Aoyama.

  • It's out with the old as a difficult year comes to a close.

  • When the global health crisis struck earlier this year, the Japanese government urged its citizens to tidy up their homes as a way to pass the time, even recruiting minimalist guru Marie Condo for the campaign.

  • For 71 year old Obama, that means getting rid of stacks of vibrant kimonos.

  • They were gifts from her parents, but she aims to sell as many as she can.

  • E spent a lot of time at home this year because of the coronavirus, so I decided to organize my house, including getting rid of things I don't need.

  • The de cluttering wave has been a boon for Japan's second hand market, and companies like buy sell.

  • It sends out representatives to collect goods from people's homes, then it resells them online or at auctions.

  • The company said their home visits are way up this year, and sales have surged around 35%.

  • Most sellers air in their fifties or older, looking to clear out used kimonos, but also luxury handbags and jewelry, even old stamp collections by cells.

  • CEO Kyohei Iwata said people are looking for more than just making a buck on their old items.

  • You don't know there's determined Japanese Don Shari, which means minimize your life.

  • People's mindsets have changed that way.

  • They're coming to us because our service is very useful for people who want to clean up their homes.

  • In the end, Mitsuko Ibama parted with 22 of her vintage kimonos for only about $40.

  • But money, she said, wasn't the goal.

  • E thought it was a waste to leave.

  • My kimono is hanging in the closet, so I'd be happy if someone younger could wear them, a sentiment that would surely make Marie condo proud.

okay from Mitsuko Aoyama.

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Pandemic sparks tidying-up frenzy in Japan

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/15
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