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  • residents of a coastal resort town on a popular Australian holiday island have been told to leave and do so immediately.

  • Is a bushfire is worsening.

  • Fire crews are battling to control the fire on Fraser Island.

  • This is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

  • It's just off the east coast of Queensland.

  • As you can see there on the map, it was sparked by an illegal campfire, but that was back in mid October.

  • Our correspondent Shaimaa Khalil, joins me now from Sydney on show Mark.

  • Just from that point, that seems to be the problem, isn't it?

  • I mean, it was it's been going for for weeks, if not months now.

  • It has been going for a while now since mid October because of that illegal campfire.

  • But I think what's making everyone nervous now?

  • The reason why the alert level has gone toe emergency and people have been urged to leave is because simply when you get the right weather conditions for a fire, the fire then becomes uncontrollable.

  • And we've been getting really, really high temperatures really, really dry land and all it takes is a gust of wind and you get this fire just traveling at a speed that, frankly, firefighters have been struggling with.

  • And this is why we're getting these fire warnings.

  • This is why they've been trying for weeks now.

  • We do know that some of the residents have been warned to leave in Happy Valley Township.

  • It's a small community of about 50 households.

  • We know that at least 35 have decided to stay to defend their homes.

  • And that's a mixture of people have prepared their homes for this and experienced firefighters.

  • But we know that after weeks of trying to control that fire, the Queensland Fire and emergency services are throwing everything they have added because off this rising temperatures and at the gusts of wind, so 100 personnel are on the site.

  • You know that 25 air dropping aircraft are being used.

  • They're planning to drop one million liters off water to try to control that fire.

  • But as firefighters have been telling us all through the bushfire last season, what they truly need right now is rain and lots of it.

  • And that's not what they're getting.

  • No, kind of just actually that point about these water bombers.

  • I mean, they've got them.

  • I've seen some opposition politicians saying, Well, why on earth didn't you activate this back in October?

  • Is it becoming a real political issue?

  • Oh, it's It's always been a political issue that the fires, the climate change behind the fires, the signs behind the fires and the contingency plans and the procedures to contain the fires you'll find like this is happening almost in parallel lines.

  • People on the front line firefighters trying to contain those fires the best way they can, they tell you, and politicians were saying, Well, why didn't you start earlier?

  • I guess an argument for that would be the look.

  • Fires are always going to be a part of the Australian summer.

  • We are going to get worse fires now because of climate change that's been backed up by science that's been backed up by.

  • Scientists were telling us that things are going to get worse and climate change is behind that.

  • It's also about the fact of controlling those fires.

  • It's about those weather conditions it's about It's about that trilogy of getting very high temperatures, very high winds, dry land and that spark.

  • And when that happens, thes things become very hard to control.

residents of a coastal resort town on a popular Australian holiday island have been told to leave and do so immediately.

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Australia bushfire: Fraser Island residents told to leave immediately - BBC News

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