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  • you can do that.

  • Thanks for clicking on the video.

  • It gives me a chance to actually introduce myself.

  • I'm Dave Trip in.

  • I'm from Vancouver Island, Canada, and I've lived in Japan for some time now.

  • I absolutely love three things.

  • I love stories, be that in cinema or books or speaking to people, truth is stranger than fiction.

  • In some cases, I love Japan.

  • Obviously, I love cinema.

  • My favorite director would definitely be Darren Aronofsky, and I knew that the moment I watched Requiem for a Dream when I was younger.

  • No word of a lie.

  • Watch that about eight times now and tried to show it to anyone I could.

  • It's like jaw dropping cinematography.

  • It's incredible.

  • My favorite cinematographer would be Roger Deakins worked on, for example, Blade Runner 2049.

  • Uh, no country for Old man, Whole bunch of stuff.

  • In a close second to him would be Emmanuel Lubezki, who did things like Children of Men, the Revenant and Birdman.

  • His whole signature is to do really long single takes, and they really immerse you in the shot, which is very, very cool.

  • What what What could you not say about the infinite stories and character that are available for you.

  • Here you start in the north.

  • Alqaida have never had a chance to film there.

  • But the incredible snow.

  • I would love to tell stories from up there The snow festival, Something I've not yet visited If you move slightly south, My first Japanese teacher, when I came to Japan kept recommending to me to go to Nico.

  • The Peacefulness that you find there and the sense of walking through very ghibli s walking through a door magical door where on the other side you get actually feel like you were in the history of the buildings that are surrounding you.

  • There it's Tokugawa Ieyasu Shrine.

  • I highly recommend you visit or the very least check out some content where somebody has told the story of being there.

  • It's incredible.

  • Tokyo The endless energy that you find in Tokyo favorite neighborhoods would definitely be Shimo Kitazawa.

  • It's young, it's hipster.

  • Probably in a good way.

  • I would say I really, really enjoy that neighborhood number one, though, is gonna be kichi Joji kichi.

  • Joji is super personal.

  • Great scale there even though you're in Tokyo and I've made videos to account for just how incredible it is.

  • I love Tokyo.

  • I love the different neighborhoods.

  • Each one is a little microcosm of personality that you find, and people are telling great stories there.

  • If you move further south again.

  • Kyoto is very near and dear to my heart, and that's as we get to know each other.

  • I hope mawr of what I can actually share of my personal story.

  • But people need to know more about western Japan.

  • There's another goal I have for the channel.

  • Kyoto, Osaka.

  • I feel like they're underrepresented in all the amazing things that people could learn about if they went there and especially for me.

  • And I hope for you given time to show you guys this the traditional buildings there that are disappearing.

  • I would like to hopefully have some sort of positive influence in the coming years.

  • Thio.

  • Make sure that kill Macha don't just become this wonderful thing that people talk about from the past history of Japan but are actually still there for people to enjoy for years and years to come.

  • So if you're going to start on some new endeavor, I think it's really important toe have clear things that you want to accomplish on I have that here on the channel.

  • Wow.

  • Do you only in Japan uh given Given this place to share, I think what is most incredible is the way in which first were able to tell stories through this medium.

  • But also, medium is in YouTube and cinema.

  • But secondly, the way in which we're able thio innovate in this medium because of the way that so always, ever evolving on dso I want to create for you.

  • And I hope you come along for the ride to check out some of the most innovative, constantly, ever evolving content that you're gonna find on the channel.

  • When I first started, I went from Windows Media Windows movie maker Thio, Sony Vegas to Adobe Premiere on I can see in the future the further steps that I could take to improve myself and improve the stories that I'm able to share with you.

  • So I'm humbled.

  • I'm incredibly grateful to be here, and I can make a certain promise to you that as the years go on, it's not just gonna be one thing that you see here, but it's gonna get better and better and better on it would be my pleasure to share that with you.

  • And I look forward to engaging with you as well in the comments down below when all this stuff comes out.

  • So thanks for tuning into this video.

  • I hope that gives you some idea, at least like the cinema background that I love.

  • Uh, the kind of stories that I want to tell.

  • It's about people, not things.

  • I think everything is imbued with the story of the people.

  • And so it's the people of Japan, and they're individual stories and unique enterprises and aspirations that they have, which we're going to share.

  • Thanks so much as I say, humbled, looking forward to creating some amazing stuff.

  • And I will catch you guys in the many videos to come.

  • Thanks for tuning in.

you can do that.

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