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  • I’m considering dropping theStrangefromStrange Anime License Friday.” This

  • game isn’t strange. It’s just good. Probably among the best fighting games I’ve played

  • on the SNES. So let’s just run with it. The first Yuu Yuu Hakusho game for the Super

  • Famicom looked nothing like this, and was a more rock-paper-scissors-esque battle simulation.

  • Certainly an interesting stylistic choice, and after watching some footage I kinda want

  • to track down a copy, but not the kind of head-to-head 2D-fighting action that was tearing

  • up arcades and home consoles in the early 90s. This sequel, on the other hand, is exactly

  • the kind of head-to-head 2D fighting action that was tearing up arcades and home consoles

  • in the early 90s. It’s just done really well.

  • The main story mode retells the first season or so of the anime, as you progress through

  • a series of battles, collecting allies as you go. (Which is just what happens in anime.)

  • Fittingly enough, these allies are added to your roster of playable characters as you

  • go along, so youre not stuck with the same character for the entire duration of the tale.

  • Or, if you want to give the entire plot a miss and get straight on into the action,

  • there’s the requisite arcade-style massacre through the rest of the cast, along with 2-player

  • head-to-head mode and a training setting so you can get a grip on the battle system. The

  • gameplay’s much like its SNK-and-Capcom contemporaries, full of quartercircley goodness,

  • mixups, and - if your health is critical and your energy gauge is full - a big olwhompin

  • desperation attack. Nothing is safe, not even the stage itself, as certain attacks can potentially

  • tear up chunks of the battlefield. This is 1994, folks, and weve got destructible

  • terrain - and not just boxes that blow up and magically disappear.

  • The mechanics feel very sound, and very inviting to fighting gamers of today since, let’s

  • face it, this game’s a little ahead of its time. Youve even got a stun gauge - that

  • yellow one up there - that shows you how close you are to being incapacitated. So this isn’t

  • really Strange Anime License Friday, so much as it isMan, It Sucks We Didn’t Get

  • This Game Friday.” This couldve shaken up the entire landscape had it made landfall

  • in the west. For a series I don’t really watch, and a game I’d not played before,

  • this one brightened my pre-weekend. It’s worth mentioning that this game was developed

  • by TOSE, who were also responsible for last week’s Dragon Ball Z beatings, and who have

  • a lineage going all the way back to the NES and games like Chack’n Pop. Theyve got

  • a history of respectably handling licenses that even WayForward has to look up to. And

  • that’s WayForward. And that’s sayinsomething.

I’m considering dropping theStrangefromStrange Anime License Friday.” This

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