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  • the Brexit trade talks are struggling for the UK, any deal must involve being free of EU rules.

  • This is not a trade deal, so this is seems to be a trade deal.

  • Right now.

  • The discussion is about sovereignty for the you.

  • Both sides must follow the same rules a way.

  • Must have a level playing field not only for today but for the future.

  • But is the U treating the UK differently?

  • Certainly there's a perception among Brexit supporters that it's not being fair.

  • Listen to Boris Johnson.

  • I don't believe this is because that those air terms that any prime minister of this country should accept.

  • Or there's the conservative MP Daniel Krichinsky, who accuses the U of acting in a highly irresponsible and wholly unreasonable way.

  • But has the you demanded Mawr from the UK?

  • In short, it has.

  • The EU wants the UK to agree to shared rules on government subsidies on workers rights on environmental and food standards on it wants the UK to remain in sync in the future to while the UK rejects that on this does go beyond other trade deals.

  • The EU is struck with Canada and with Japan, but the EU has its justification.

  • One map puts it this way.

  • It would be super economic suicide for the European Union to basically undermine one not off its pillars, but one off its foundations.

  • The single market, the point being if a trade deal is done.

  • But the UK has different rules, potentially, it's businesses benefits Ondas, the BBC's Chris Morris explains.

  • That possibility connects to the EU's approach.

  • One of the reasons that being stricter and harsher is because the UK is a major global economy right on its doorstep.

  • So it thinks it needs to be harsher because the UK has the potential to be a much bigger competitive threat.

  • So those are the EU's demands and the justification.

  • But are they unusual?

  • Does this happen in other major trade deals around the world?

  • Well, not to this degree.

  • Recently, these 15 countries created a vast trading bloc.

  • They don't share regulations, though their level of free trade isn't the same as the EU and the UK are hoping for.

  • Or there's the recent free trade deal in North America.

  • The US insisted on certain wage levels in the car industry to stop Mexico having an advantage.

  • But there's nothing is wide ranging is the EU is asking for here, so this is different.

  • The analyst on an Mennen argues the EU is being too defensive.

  • It underestimates the strength of the single market and the impact on the UK of leaving it on.

  • No doubt that you is a huge economic force.

  • But still, it argues this defense is necessary back in 2017 that then UK International Trade Secretary Liam Fox didn't for see this approach.

  • The free trade agreement that we will have to come to with the European Union should be one of the easiest in human history that has not come to pass.

  • The U is asking for a lot, but its single market is its greatest asset on Brexit rejects the very idea of the you.

  • This is a unique you response to what it sees as a unique threat.

the Brexit trade talks are struggling for the UK, any deal must involve being free of EU rules.

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