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  • I was really looking forward to having an apartment for myself

  • I only like sharing food when it's your food.

  • If I wait it's cause you had nerve to take a shower

  • not because I just woke up.

  • Great! The sink is full of your dirty dishes

  • Now there is no room for my dirty dishes.

  • Your cleaning is distracting.

  • Hogging the TV is rude unless you and me watching Friday Night Lights.

  • You slowing down my internet.

  • Go outside.

  • I'm stuck being bored as hell in my room

  • because you have the nerve to entertain guests in our communal space!

  • Tell your parents to go away

  • I wanna smoke pot.

  • I hate it when you play music because it's your music.

  • Wake up.

  • I wanna make noise but you're asleep and it's making me feel bad.

  • You make me feel bad about myself.

  • Why aren't you home every time I forget my keys

  • you're not doing anything,

  • but I still have a hard time concentrating when you're here

  • I swear to god I must take out the garbage almost half the time.

  • I just decided 5 minutes ago that the apartment should be neater so fxxk you for not helping.

  • I'm pissed off you.

  • that is my month to mail the rent because I forgot to buy stamps.

  • oh my god how hard is it to fill the breeder when you finished with it.

  • Quick Email me about your utilities.

  • I get it, I owe you money.

  • gross

  • you took a shit in our shared bathroom?

  • I have to wear clothes because of you.

  • I miss my dead roommate......

I was really looking forward to having an apartment for myself

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Things You Wish You Could Say to Your Roommate

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    Tina Cheng posted on 2014/07/08
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