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  • in Mac OS.

  • The doc is the part of your desktop, where you can access different programs, manage all of your open windows and even take advantage of features like launchpad.

  • If you look closely at your doc, you'll find that it includes a small divider separating applications on the left and files folders and minimized windows on the right.

  • There are lots of ways to personalize your doc.

  • For example.

  • You can resize it by dragging the divider up and down.

  • You can also right click the dock to change options like hiding magnification and the docks position on the screen.

  • I'm pretty happy with the size and position of my doc, but I would like to add a few more shortcuts to it.

  • Let's go up to the menu bar to open the Applications folder.

  • Choose go, then applications.

  • Now we can add shortcuts to some of my favorite files, folders and APS by dragging them onto the dock.

  • That way, the next time I want to open something quickly, I can access it here by clicking the icon.

  • You can also reorganize your doc using these simple tips, just drag and drop to change the position of an item or to remove something from the dock altogether.

  • Drag and drop it onto the desktop, and it will disappear.

  • Let's check out Launchpad next, which you can open using the icon.

  • Here.

  • Launchpad takes all of the apse installed in your computer and arranges them on separate pages.

  • For easy access, you can navigate between pages by clicking and dragging to the left or right or by using the swipe gesture with one finger.

  • If you're using a magic mouse and two fingers, if you're using a track pad to get the most set of launchpad, you'll probably want to reorganize it.

  • To move a nap.

  • Just click and drag it.

  • You may want to move all of your favorite APS to the first page so you can open them more quickly.

  • Just drag it to the edge of the screen, move it to the desired position and release the mouse.

  • You can also create folders in launchpad to house similar APS.

  • To do this, click and drag an icon directly on top of another.

  • The new folder will open.

  • Let's click the desktop to close it and add more APS.

  • Just keep clicking and dragging until you have the ones you want.

  • If you change your mind, you can always remove the folder from launchpad by removing the APS.

  • Click the folder to open it and drag and drop them out of the folder area one by one.

  • Once the folder is empty, it will disappear automatically.

  • With so many ways to customize launchpad in the dock, you can arrange all your favorite files, folders and APS, so they're just a click away G C F.

  • Global creating opportunities for a better life.

in Mac OS.

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macOS Basics: Using the Dock and Launchpad

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