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  • in the middle.

  • Off the desert, there is a lake that looks like it was made by aliens.

  • It's huge, it's symmetric.

  • And it has a very weird shape.

  • What is this Lake?

  • Who built it And why does it look like this?

  • One year ago, I opened my laptop and saw this image way.

  • All thought it was Photoshop.

  • Okay, this is a real thing.

  • I mean, it looks kind of Photoshop.

  • Yeah.

  • I wonder if it's Photoshopped.

  • Look at this.

  • This is crazy.

  • Okay, that's definitely Photoshop, but turns out it was not Photoshop.

  • It was a really new lake created in secret in Dubai.

  • And we were one hour away from it.

  • So we immediately got in a car, Let's go on, drove to the middle off the desert way, drove and drove and drove very, very similar to the one we saw on the Internet Were in the right direction.

  • Way knew we were on the right track.

  • So we continued until way arrived.

  • Here.

  • This'll is the ex police.

  • It was built this year as a welcome sign to tourists.

  • They cut out a hole in the desert, planted trees around it and filled it with water lots and lots of water.

  • Well, we are walking on top of water.

  • I'm walking on water.

  • But what's even more interesting than the lake is the shape of it.

  • This shape iss so symmetrical.

  • It looks like an alien came up with it.

  • Turns out it was not an alien or a design agency.

  • It was a human who came up with this shape 4000 years ago.

  • This is a true story.

  • 4000 years ago in the United Arab Emirates, someone created a beautiful ring, maybe for a wedding, maybe for a gift.

  • And that ring stayed hidden in the desert specifically here for thousands of years.

  • Until one day the local people discovered this area and found the ring.

  • It became the first ever jewelry discovered in the entire country.

  • It is evidence that this is where people designed, traded, loved and lived.

  • And you can see that evidence everywhere you go.

  • In fact, there is so much hiding under the desert right now that Onley 10 to 20% off the area was discovered.

  • The remaining 80% is still hiding here under the sand.

  • Now, this ring from the past is a symbol off the future.

  • They say history repeats itself.

  • And as we look at this beautiful design, thes words couldn't be any more true.

in the middle.

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