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  • well.

  • The United Nations says it's increasingly alarmed about the plight of our Eritrean civilians caught up in the conflict in Ethiopia.

  • The U.

  • N refugee agency says it's received disturbing reports off displaced people being killed or kidnapped and forcibly returned to Eritrea, which borders Ethiopia's battle scarred Tigray region.

  • The first international aid convoy has arrived in T bright since fighting broke out there more than a month ago.

  • Well, let's go to the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa to journalist Samuel.

  • Get a too high Samuel.

  • Now an aid convoy has arrived.

  • We're getting information from Tigre is proving difficult what we know about the current situation there.

  • We know for a fact that the areas that could be accessible to the U.

  • N and its partners are Onley areas controlled by the federal government.

  • The Ethiopian government's so much off the area is still not accessible to the U.

  • N.

  • There are many, many thousands of people, including 300 refugees that are in desperate need, according to the United Nations.

  • As off last night, they've run out off all kinds of things, including basic food, so you can only imagine the kind of humanitarian disaster that's going on in the region definitely, incredibly concerning that.

  • The U.

  • N says it's concerned about reports of Eritrean refugees in the Ethiopian region being killed or abducted or forcibly returned to Eritrea.

  • What have the what?

  • What is the actual Ethiopian government being saying?

  • Though the Ethiopian government side insists Eritrean soldiers are no taking part?

  • Uh, in any off the conflicts?

  • Uh, there has been an ongoing accusations, including reports done by Reuters, uh, FP and, uh Bloomberg, saying, uh that they are involved.

  • But the government insists no international players involved in this conflict, and it's their insist.

  • It's only the Ethiopian soldiers and Ethiopian army that is involved trying to liberate, uh, trying to bring some kind of freedom to the people of Tigre.

  • So everything we hear contradict each other.

  • But again, the conflict is ongoing, and there are many, many people that are heading to the Sudan on.

  • We're hearing off different stories that just heartbreaking, I'm sure.

  • I'm sure they are now.

  • You've just been mentioning it there.

  • So the Ethio Ethiopian government says it's in control of t dry on.

  • The conflict isn't over or they're saying it is over.

  • But leaders of the Tigre People's Liberation Front say that they're still fighting on various fronts.

  • What's your assessment?

  • There are segments off the TPL left, uh, that might not have the resources or manpower, or I should say, person part.

  • Um, but, you know, it's the segment of the TPLF that's so passionate about what they believe in, You know, many off the population off Tyga, our young people that have always known TPLF government.

  • So it's, you know, the devil.

  • You know that the devil you don't.

  • So they're focused on trying to defeat the government or the army.

  • They open army, so they're still fighting on.

  • We hear off different stories on when we hear victims that are heading to the Sudan.

  • They tell us exactly the same thing, which is?

  • The conflict is ongoing, and there are many, many victims that are just dying and people with little resources young people, all people being left behind.

  • So it's a Catch 22 but we know for certain the conflict hasn't finished on Lee because even communication hasn't bean lifted in many parts of the region.

  • So it's an ongoing conflict that we're watching from a distance only because We can't access it as journals.

  • Well, journalist Samuel, get it.

  • You in Addis Ababa.

  • Thanks for that update.

  • Thank you.


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UN 'alarmed' over plight of Eritreans caught up in Ethiopia's Tigray conflict | DW News

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