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  • according to the U.

  • S Environmental Protection Agency, more than 50% of the garbage that Americans generate winds up in a landfill.

  • The good news is recycling and composting rates in America have increased dramatically since the 19 eighties.

  • The EPA estimates that more than a third of the trash we produce gets recycled or composted.

  • The bad news is there's still a lot of recyclable material that's thrown away, and what might be the unexpected news is that we've got to pay closer attention to what goes where.

  • Ah lot of garbage that looks recyclable actually isn't, and it can cause problems for the facilities.

  • That process is.

  • You're thinking about putting that paper coffee cups into the recycling bin.

  • You could be making the planet's waste problem even worse.

  • Some items that might seem right for recycling actually aren't.

  • It's called wish cycling, and it's a big problem for waste management companies.

  • Why well recycling centers collect and sort items, then bundle the matching materials into large bales to sell back to the companies that make new products out of those materials.

  • If non recyclable trash ends up in those bales, they're considered contaminated, and the entire bail is taken to the dump, wasting hundreds of pounds of quality material.

  • Some common contaminants are coffee cups, plastic bags, greasy pizza boxes, non recyclable plastics pizza boxes.

  • Can Onley be recycled if they are not soiled by Greece or food residue?

  • Plastic bags are not accepted at curbside bins because they clog up the sorting machines.

  • However, they can be returned to many grocery stores to be properly recycled.

  • Remember toe.

  • Look for the recycling symbol on items and check your local guidelines online before trying to recycle something.

  • This is important because items like glass bottles, Styrofoam and plastics Grade three through seven are not accepted at all recycling centers and could become contaminants.

  • It's going to take us all a little bit of working together and making an earnest effort to help keep our planet healthy and beautiful.

  • Mhm.

according to the U.

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What Is Wish Recycling?

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