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  • or show Gensia Petrova Chajet.

  • Each of you show Pooja.

  • Hey, good to find you.

  • She wants you or your shoe.

  • Make sure this'll earthquakes strike just before eight o'clock in the morning.

  • Local time.

  • Jo Chang is a documentary photographer from Sichuan.

  • His work has won awards at home and abroad and have been shown in Paris, Berlin and New York.

  • He's most famous for his intimate portrait of rural life in China and his obsession with death which started when he was a towers priest.

  • I'm neck and I'm a video producer here ago Threat.

  • I've been shooting videos all across china and I realized that they're just as many stories behind.

  • The camera s there in front.

  • So I want to take you to me.

  • Some of the photographers I know and show you what's it like to work behind the lens?

  • E Oh, uh um uh, Booth Wash our say that Coachella Well, yeah, sure function now, Uh, da league shrivel.

  • Sure, sure, Yeah, does she should weigh Santa Booth Way, Xu Shanda, what I can do with John Condon Juicio camp You Changzhou sank down drunk general with the sarin.

  • So you will your issue you with one agenda.

  • Kenya.

  • Uh, well, uh, would run the General Dodge a little.

  • Don't show the whole world through the pumping you ego that how toe on your time You're a Yankee to pay for that *** conjuncture or the you showing reduction Yandong.

  • One trio.

  • You got drunk?

  • Uh huh.

  • You made the changes.

  • You she But I found their bodies.

  • Shaun.

  • Yeah.

  • Okay.

  • Lower golf.

  • A jigga show.

  • You should You should pack up your shit.

  • You don't change.

  • Uh, that's actually told you, uh, you be Gambian title like Johnson.

  • Uh, E o domo.

  • Uh, you love your job.

  • You go.

  • She went down.

  • Wrong situation.

  • The earthquake forced Joel to rethink his life and what mattered to him.

  • After six years as a breaking news photographer, he quit his job to travel across rural China and record lives small moments.

  • He visited 30 villages, photographs strangers and learn their stories.

  • Uh, once I was running in Somalia.

  • Uh huh.

  • Sure.

  • Leo e show You writhe.

  • Kinda.

  • I eat my shall go your goto you try 100 A touch of my life.

  • Shall I?

  • Well done, Fizzy.

  • You want adults do that tie off so Lou, the function Lillian got, uh, three.

  • Would you that's gonna pay.

  • Don Champion Joe's work captures identity and poverty of real life.

  • This photo of an AIDS patient in a small volition to bet was taking during his last days in bed and want him The Lucy International Photography Award, one of the most prestigious prizes in photography in 2017.

  • Some of his other photos show his curiosity with death, uh, captured from the O.

  • U N just number on your way.

  • So vision national poorly.

  • I just wonder, when I visited him, he was seeking inspiration for a new photo.

  • Siri's called Surviving Way went to a remote mountain in Sichuan that's home to towers.

  • Monks.

  • Well, you sure?

  • You froth Where you going?

  • Oh, don Watson.

  • Booth.

  • Gordon Dong Zhuang.

  • What decision?

  • She wants our The one can function showing touch away about our ocean when she starts off.

  • Thank you.

  • Trying to touch away Belda, uh, doing soothe Yushu, Tashi Dorji and, uh, song called Function Bagger and I can with open when you wanna show Bagger and you see the color city Guangdong Uh, well, Booth, can a gang a gang shootout?

  • Uh, huh?

  • Then Zhangzhou Kind of hoping you can True.

  • Just ashes with Sanjana.

  • Uh what?

  • Yeah, King Kong Monday.

  • Okay, keep.

  • Okay, okay.

or show Gensia Petrova Chajet.

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The Chinese Photographer Obsessed With Death - #NoFilter (S1E3)

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