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  • Here's a pot of noodles getting cooked.

  • You're probably wondering, what is this doing here?

  • It's too small to be a lid, and it's just kind of floating around.

  • But for noodle shops in this part of China, this floating lid is the key to a bowl of fantastic noodles.

  • Mhm China is noodle heaven.

  • Wheat noodles, rice noodles thin, thick.

  • The list of options is endless.

  • This series is all about.

  • Noodles will be featuring 10 different kinds of noodles across China and show you how they're made and how they're served.

  • Today we're in eastern China in a city called Sanjiang, located on the banks of the Yangtze River specialty.

  • Here is a dish called cool Guy Me in or pot lid noodles.

  • But But what are pot lit noodles?

  • And why is there a lid floating inside?

  • For the answer, we talked to this guy, the president of the local pot lid noodle association.

  • I mean the street, the more that you will wake me, come all the way, you're gonna get trained, and that's gonna Theo.

  • Noodles are made fresh every day.

  • Thes air the ingredients, the flowers locally grown, the and gives it color.

  • The alkaline powder gives it a bit of chew, and water turns it all into dough.

  • Traditionally, the dough is kneaded by jumping up and down on a bamboo pole.

  • It all used to be handmade.

  • I told the means of water.

  • But nowadays most noodles are machine made and shipped to restaurants the morning they're served.

  • What that means, your news hand.

  • Now what are You can shoot, you know, uh, to be Oh, yeah, that's a way.

  • So you understand that when you got the shot up, you could just to how you could do the cool guys.

  • Megan Sanjiang is famous for its black vinegar, a sharp multi acid that's made with rice.

  • The taste is similar to basil mint vinegar.

  • There's also a sugar soy sauce and a bit of scallions and garlic.

  • There are also many other toppings, but a local favorite is river deal.

  • Yes, U S A.

  • Dominican.

  • Uh, use your tongue young.

  • So that just, uh, how you just kind of went a scythe Trust fund.

  • Three eels air harvested here from the Yangtze River.

  • It's the same river that brought wheat noodles.

  • It's and John Zanjan traditionally didn't make wheat noodles when it comes to carbs trying to follow the north south divide the north because it's more arid, specializes in wheat.

  • And the southwards on Jang is located Traditionally specialized in rice.

  • So we had to be brought down from the north.

  • A woman a thio named Ugo woman A short a tram booth.

  • The engineer to a high.

  • Uh, you have a You have a fine Yeah, we didn't find the use And emissions are your home?

  • How todo although for you Hi.

  • Uh, also now you That is a good bythe floating lead came later when the channel emperor visited Pyongyang.

  • The story goes that a chef accidentally dropped a lid on the pot.

  • A UK a teacher used to come.

  • You know so much.

  • Uh, you wait.

  • While many people swear by it, the truth is that the lid is a bit gimmicky.

  • Most people can't really taste the difference.

  • And the noodles can be made completely without the lid.

  • But the people here are proud of it because it's a big part of the city's culinary identity.

  • Yeah.

  • Yeah.

  • We owe you somebody.

  • Video Booth.

  • Uh, transfer young machine Booth.

  • You, You, you you pin that we owe Trinkl if I'm street of young, confident woman union and use different Indiana game yet up next, we're going to Fujian to meet a guy who makes noodles that can be stretched up to 100 ft.

  • Stay tuned.

Here's a pot of noodles getting cooked.

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These Noodles Are Cooked With a Lid in the Water - Eat China (S2E7)

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