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  • today's 10 out of 10 segment concerns the world's slowest mammal.

  • How slow is it?

  • Well, in an average day, it only moves about 120 ft total.

  • It's asleep for most of the time, and it's hanging out all of the time.

  • And since 1992 there's been a sanctuary in Costa Rica dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating this sloth bull creature.

  • Yeah, spiky.

  • Well, hello, my sweet baby.

  • I'm Judy A V.

  • Arroyo.

  • I am the founder of Thesaurus Sanctuary, Costa Rica.

  • We rescue rehabilitate release, care for research.

  • We do everything slaw, E Miss Parker, our main goal.

  • And this has always been our main goal.

  • And for research, there's so much unknown about law.

  • That's what I love about them that were everything that we're discovering is new stuff.

  • The slaw sanctuary right now is caring for 214th loss we have reintroduced over the years.

  • 152.

  • We have 16 babies in the NICU nursery.

  • The rest are permanent residents.

  • This is Stacey now.

  • Stacy was brought by the firefighters.

  • She had been burned by power lines, so she'll be a permanent resident.

  • There are two completely different species of sloth.

  • One is the Radicalists that is the three fingered sloth, three fingers and three toes.

  • The other species of sloth is the Coehlo EPA's.

  • He has three toes to fingers, but their pre historically they're not related flaws are energy efficient.

  • Slots are not lazy.

  • This loss have a very slow metabolism.

  • They'll what they're eating today could take up to 30 days to get through their system.

  • This buttercup we call her the founders saw she's the slot that started all of this crazy adventure I love thought my wish.

  • My hope.

  • My dream is to lift the sauce out of the darkness on let people know him and appreciate them and love them, and it's happening mhm.

today's 10 out of 10 segment concerns the world's slowest mammal.

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