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trudeau rd is a former u_c_l_a_ product isn't sure got approved the also played
for all university in the next couple of both indian that holds a machine that it
wasn't that a lot to do it fired from the game
drew work do forget not very nice
for now it is duncan and jerry when
program game in san francisco tourism religious down was yes that was found as
i was just did go i believe
and finally put out this video
that is the one thing that people leaving out
jerry when
forty five points in the city
forty five points
with good what's left journey with that over add-on of his team won the game he
still drop forty five points on these guys
looked a lot of for rushing to his defense stimulants defense because he
was just going up to you dot the guy was laying it out is trying to contest that
he was up in the end of that his back was turned a jew gordon so people must
give him a hard time as a pro engane
a lot of people get elected and then get handle it
dead and alive but don't get hurt like he was a used one of the company was
primal way about bison
so you try blocking it many with happening up in the air andrew gordon
happen to be dumping the ball it that exactly he did nothing wrong
turbulent methodist
it does not believe that it's an appalling
most of what is your job forty five point out here as well if they don't get
laid afterward fitful
so we're doing enough that's one of the jury
but it is a d_a_ area's finest t_v_ true gordon saturday two forty five
uh... entertainment simply not the intended went free pass
is back with strong
they'll be so i mean i wasn't looking at your
he gets a pass that's five hundred rewarding the would reward is a beast
athletically i would imagine with thought trooper got a spot in the n_b_a_
because i would think that reported rebound
he said the eighties big he's really athletic he cannot shoot he will succeed
regional i'd i don't know surprise that
noting that there is no cheating the answers on sure of the odds of summer
league teams but i thought that guy strikes me as a guy who can get me down
to the end
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Jeremy Lin Gets DUNKED ON

2461 Folder Collection
江南宏 published on July 7, 2014
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