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  • You are probably tired of hearing that you should drink water all day long and that water

  • is important for your health, aren't you?

  • And do you know why water is so important for the good functioning of your body?

  • The body is made of approximately 80% water, and we can't last more than three days without

  • it.

  • Water is essential for digestion, nutrient absorption, chemical reactions, transport

  • and metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates, toxin elimination, transport of residues,

  • and appetite control.

  • Also, our body needs water to regulate body temperature, protect the nervous system, cushion

  • the joints and maintain the skin's humidity.

  • Did you know that the lack of water is what causes fatigue throughout the day?

  • Also, even a decrease of 2% of the water in the body can trigger issues like mental confusion

  • and troubles with basic mathematics, besides troubles focusing your eyes on the computer

  • screen or on paper.

  • You might be thinking: "But if I drink water before going to bed, won't I need to wake

  • up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet?

  • What's good in that?"

  • As the day goes by, the body accumulates some water through direct or indirect ingestion.

  • It is thought that gravity is responsible for concentrating all the liquids in the lower

  • region of the body since we usually spend the whole day sitting or standing up.

  • This buildup may cause some swelling.

  • Drinking water at night helps because when you drink water and lay on the bed, a series

  • of body processes start.

  • By laying your body horizontally, all the water that was concentrated in the lower parts

  • of your body gets on the same level as your kidneys, which facilitates the work of the

  • organ to filter the impurities.

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  • Also, drinking water before going to sleep helps accelerate metabolism, which starts

  • the whole process faster.

  • The benefits of drinking water at night are bigger than the small discomfort of having

  • to wake up once or twice to go to the toilet, don't you think so?

  • This habit also helps balance hormones, energy levels, muscles, and joints.

  • It will help you relax and wake up feeling rested because of  all the nutrients of water

  • working on your body.

  • Water naturally cleans the body, removing all the toxins that were absorbed during the

  • day.

  • Now that you know why it is important to drink water before sleeping, why don't you check

  • what else the habit of drinking water can do to your health?

You are probably tired of hearing that you should drink water all day long and that water

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