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  • Hello Guys, I m MestroMoon and this is 5 Reason to Watch Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba.

  • Lets get started

  • So, No 5 is StoryLine Demon Slayer begins emotional story that will

  • automatically attachs you to the main character Tanjiro. His reasons to get into becoming

  • a Demon slayer and following it to protect his sister.

  • I wont be saying what actually happens in beginning of anime. For that you have to watch

  • anime itself. Kimestu no yaiba shows different character

  • and their personality in a way that viewer will get a little understanding of each character.

  • Lets leave Hashira and master out of this point.

  • Plot has perfect combination of comedy and cute moments in it.

  • Nezuko, She is little sister of Tanjiro, who is a demon and cutest and most beautiful thing

  • in the anime. Entire Plot revolves around Tanjiro who just

  • wanted to find a way to restore his little sister back to human

  • Main Characters and its developments Tanjiro, is one best protagonist we have seen

  • in a while. He is very kind to everyone, even when show was a its peak that I personally

  • thought, that Tanjirou will kill this dude, but then suddenly he does something weird

  • that shock everyone in the anime and as a viewer to me as well.

  • Anime completely shows his good heart and Hard working nature.

  • Through out the season we can literally see him getting stronger and what he does in order

  • to attain that power. By the end of season we will get a clear view

  • where is tanjirou with his current level of power and where are the most powerful being

  • in the anime i.e Pillars of Demon Slayer Corps Hashira

  • No. 3 is Future Plot and Suspense Even though main characters development is

  • shown quite nicely in the anime. Anime still has alot of mystery and suspenses in it.

  • We still dont know anything about the world of Kimestu no yaiba and enemies true abilities

  • and Powerlevel of Hishra at their fullest. And yes Master. everything about him is a

  • big suspense. Last episode of the anime has the biggest

  • suspense of all. Features of the one of the Hashira and Trios

  • going in a train with a demon, who knows what is in stores for the future and yes btw this

  • will be in a upcoming movie for the anime

  • No. 2 is Animation End of the decade just bursted off with one

  • of the best animation in the house. Fate series is known to have best animation

  • but Man this anime matches to its level. I wouldnt say surpass but its very hard to

  • decide which one of them has best animation. both are at the top for me.

  • Everything about animation in Kimestu no Yaiba is on point and beautiful.

  • Colors are popping out. Small details are careful touched and enchanced.

  • Fight scenes are having best animation unlike some animation. Really showing characters

  • best efforts and their hardwork.

  • And the No. 1 is Songs One of my favourite part of the anime is the

  • song man-o-man. I have heard this song minimum 20 times.

  • Song really pops out in episode 19. According to me, its the song that gives the real value

  • to the anime Highly recommeded to everyone. I cannot play

  • the song Must listen to the song I will give link in

  • the description below.

  • Entire Anime actually just went viral because of the episode 19. So, please do not skip

  • to episode 19. Just watch it normally like we do u will get more meaning out of it

  • So this is 5 Reason to Watch Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba.

  • Thats all for this Video. Thanks for watching.

  • Do let me know in comments section how do u like this video and which anime or manga

  • u want me cover next.

  • Do Subscribe for more anime stuff. Bye Bye.

Hello Guys, I m MestroMoon and this is 5 Reason to Watch Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba.

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5 Reason To Watch Demon Slayer : Kimetsu No Yaiba || *No Spoilers*

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