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  • I mean, I went to my whole life was like this.

  • I just wish I was, like, 20 or something.

  • That's my life to study them.

  • First of all, one of my colleagues on a Kaminska noticed this little circle in a few days later, another colleague and another one And then I found another one on that was that's really exciting, that sort of thing, that a strong dreams off entire career is finding something nobody's ever seen before.

  • I wish I could come right now and say, Well, actually, I know what they are and their this Andi can't we actually don't know.

  • We really, really don't know.

  • So my guess, we now think that they're quite a long way away.

  • About a billion like his way on.

  • Do we think that they have, ah, galaxy in the middle of them on.

  • We think something's gone off in that guy, some humongous explosion on we think these circles maybe an expanding spherical shockwave coming out of the galaxy.

  • That's my best guess, but it is only a guess.

  • I think it's significant when you find something that you weren't expecting.

  • Often its own opens up a whole new area of understanding, but you've actually got no way of predicting what that's going to be.

  • It might turn up some really new physics.

  • I hope it'll be great when somebody has that eureka moment and says, Hey, I mean, this is what they are.

  • So this is a continual journey of going out to the universe, finding new stuff, finding more about how we came to be here on also finding out about new physics, and you never know where that's gonna go.

  • You know, you look at the things we take for granted.

  • Electron ICS, radio signals, WiFi.

  • All those things have their foundations and people doing basic science and going out and taking a look on that's ultimately the benefits of humankind.

I mean, I went to my whole life was like this.

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A2 finding galaxy radio guess shockwave spherical

'Odd radio circles' in the sky a ‘genuine mystery’ - BBC News

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/08
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