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  • Who wins the NFC East? The New York Giants.

  • And listen physical, physical, physical like If you describe this football team in the last four weeks, that's what they are.

  • They want to run downhill at you.

  • They lose, Say Kwan.

  • Barkley still doesn't deter them.

  • This is who they're gonna be.

  • Bring tight ends in every.

  • I mean, Ingram.

  • He's willing to stick his face in there and participate in blocking the offensive line is getting progressively better each week.

  • And think about they beat Seattle with Colt McCoy again throwing for 100 yards.

  • Why?

  • Because they're not afraid to keep running the ball.

  • They're gonna control it and flip it over defensively.

  • No different.

  • Be physical, be nasty.

  • That's defined This football team.

  • Give Joe Judge a ton of credit for getting this team in order since they were owned.

  • Five.

  • They've gone five and two when their losses were by a combined three points.

  • But you mentioned when they were Oh, and five.

  • They beat the Washington football team in a moment that kind of turned their season around.

  • And Chris can't do you do a talk show locally in New York's here there day in day out to see it.

  • That moment might have changed everything in that division.

  • Absolutely, because if the Washington football team and the Giants finished tied with amount of wins at the end of the season, the Giants have the tiebreaker based on the head, the head sweet that they had in the two game season.

  • Siri's so going back to that decision that Ron Rivera made you wonder why he did it in that moment because they had all the Mo mentum in that Week six matchup at that moment in the game, if you go into overtime, maybe you could be talking about the Washington football team pulling out a win.

  • But instead he went for two River.

  • Ron gambled and he lost, and it could come back to bite him at the end of this year.

  • To be clear, an extra point in that situation would have tied it.

  • The game would have gone to overtime, and we would have seen what would have happened.

  • In that case, they went for the two and the win.

  • They didn't get it as you saw.

  • So Graziano, what do you think?

  • As we look at this much maligned division thes two teams, bringing a little respectability to it.

  • Who do you think has the edge?

  • I think it's the Giants because of the tie breaker, But I mean, look, this could go either way on any week, because I mean, yesterday you wouldn't have thought we were sitting here saying Washington had beaten Pittsburgh.

  • You would have thought the Giants would be in command, but they instead they keep pace.

  • So interesting race.

  • But the most important thing is, Look, if you had said to me a week ago, it's gonna be Seattle in Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl.

  • I couldn't have said you were crazy and they just both lost the NFC East teams.

  • Those could be tough teams to play in January, which everyone gets in.

  • Let's talk about the Washington football team, which goes into Pittsburgh.

  • That's one of the biggest wins of the season so far.

  • They feel like they're kind of on the come do you like them or the Giants in the NFC East.

  • I'm gonna go giants in the NFC as much as I like watch.

  • I think their front seven defensively is is a stout as they get, but let's not don't miss the Giants and how physical this team has been the last four weeks or so.

  • I mean, they go into Seattle and physically manhandled the Seahawks and listen their style.

  • Give Jason Garrett and Joe Judge a ton of credit.

  • He is.

  • They are playing downhill, even without Barkley, without their starting quarterback, Daniel Jones.

  • They go with Colt McCoy, and they still physically dominate the Seattle Seahawks.

  • I have to respect the way they played it as well as Washington played last night.

  • I'm still giving the benefit of the doubt to New York Giants.

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Who wins the NFC East? The New York Giants.

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Washington & the Giants both pulled off Week 13 upsets ... Which team will win the NFC East? |Get Up

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