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Oh man, looks like you have a new friend request. Oh my god, this can not be happening.
Well, it finally happened. Your mom is on Facebook,
posting things like "October means getting
all my fall motif sweaters down or maybe I should just "leaf"(leave) them up there
Hahahaha. I am laughing out loud on the floor!"
sure she likes posting about her life, but she loves getting into yours
"Who's your new friend? She looks...ill."
Now you have to watch everything you say
unless you get that "damn it, my mom is on Facebook filter"
it's the only app that scans your Facebook page for stuff about drugs,
alcohol, sex, references to atheism and opinions
go ahead and type something that your mom would hate.
"There isn't enough beer in the world for me to deal with all Glenn Beck's Holy Roller BS."
Now apply that "damn it, my mom is on Facebook filter"
"boy, do I need new dungarees"
I got a 5 dollar coupon from Kohl's
I'll send it to you.
See, that "damn it, my mom is on Facebook filter" does what you do naturally:
it lies to your mom. Sweet! Even changing your photos to make them more "mom-friendly"
the "damn it, my mom is on Facebook filter"
for when your mom discovers Facebook. Like
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Mom Is on Facebook - Saturday Night Live

31930 Folder Collection
Tong-Ann Sytwu published on July 3, 2014    Tong-Ann Sytwu translated    Christina Sun reviewed
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