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  • You just had a BABY! [baby crying]

  • First

  • Is it a girl?

  • Is it a boy?

  • It's a girl!

  • It's a boy!

  • She's going to need a pink dress

  • He's going to need a blue truck

  • She's going to need to be pretty [wolf whistle]

  • He's going to need to be strong [struck bell]

  • She's going to need to be delicate

  • He's going to need to be athletic [crowd roar]

  • She can't be too smart

  • He can't act like a girl

  • She'll need to know her place

  • and he better not cry

  • These are the

  • limiting narratives

  • we feed our children

  • about what it is to be a woman

  • and what it is to be a man

  • and it DOESN'T

  • have a happy ending

  • ♫ [dramatic strings] ♫

  • Not only are girls seen as objects by other people,

  • they learn to see themselves as objects.

  • There's still so much work that

  • has to happen with girls

  • about identity and about the emphasis placed on beauty and body image.

  • But for boys, there's been no similar kinds of movement at all.

  • Boys are still lead to believe that power is associated with domination.

  • [Different Male] We need to redefine strength in men,

  • not as the power over other people but as

  • forces for justice, and justice means

  • equality and fairness and working against poverty,

  • and working against, you know, inequality and violence, that's strength.

  • We're creating new leaders,

  • and they're going to not look like how they always did.

  • That is the true reflection of this country and of this world.

  • It's time to write the story

  • It's time to REwrite the story

  • to widen the spectrum of representation

  • to make the media and our larger culture

  • more inclusive for our children

  • for ALL

  • For all of us

  • The Representation Project is a

  • movement

  • that awakens conciousness

  • changes behaviour

  • and ultimately

  • and ultimately

  • transforms culture

  • so EVERYONE! regardless of


  • RACE


  • AGE



  • can fulfill their potential

  • Take the pledge today


You just had a BABY! [baby crying]

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The Representation Project: Rewrite the Story

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