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  • Kemba Walker is out until at least the first week of January.

  • He received a stem cell injection in his left knee in October.

  • Danny Ainge, new on SportsCenter.

  • I think this next year will tell us a lot more.

  • I think you know, he saw some specialists over the last.

  • I don't know, six or eight weeks and they all came to the same conclusion, and I think that gave him a great peace of mind.

  • Maybe we didn't do him justice by bringing back to pass into the bubble.

  • I think this has as much to do with the turnaround is anything else.

  • I think if we were starting games in the middle of January, he'd probably be starting right along with us, and I don't even know if we'd be talking about it.

  • Eso I do think that, you know, it's It's very similar to what I said when we got to the bubble.

  • This is about making sure that he feels great, strengthening appropriately, moving at the right pace, hopefully playing his best basketball late for more.

  • Let's bring in our n B A inside of Brian Wynne horse.

  • Okay, Brian Kemba Walker, out until at least January after you got that stem cell injection in his left knee.

  • How much of a concern is this for the Celtics going forward?

  • Yeah, I think this is one of the most important things in the Eastern Conference toe watch early in the season.

  • Uh, Kemba Walker has really been bothered by this since last All Star break.

  • He's been dealing with it on and off, and he's such a different player when he's live.

  • When you watch him out there, you can tell when he's feeling good.

  • He's that kind of electric player and the Celtics here opening the door for the fact that he may not be right well into the season.

  • Even when he does come back, they're expecting him to have limited minutes.

  • This is one of the reasons why they signed veteran Jeff Teague toe to start in his place if he needs it.

  • But Danny Ainge today said that they do not have any plans to use their $27 million trade exception.

  • There are players out there that they could get to help them, and maybe they will have to go to that step.

  • But for now, they're gonna stick with what they have on their roster.

  • Let's see how that develops.

  • Kimba averaging over 20 points a game in his first season with Boston, eh?

  • NBA players began reporting to facilities today, but Anthony Davis still yet to re sound with the Lakers.

  • So, Brian, what's the holdup with a D?

  • Well, he is going to meet with the Lakers today and have a discussion about what their medium and long term plans are now.

  • There's been some speculation out there that Anthony Davis may be waiting to see what Yannis attend a Cup o does with his extension.

  • But I am told that what Anthony Davis is focused on right now is whether to sign a short contract, the three options he's looking at or one year plus an option two years plus an option or four years plus an option.

  • And he's just been indecisive.

  • J.

  • Because he signed a five year deal in New Orleans and end up regretting being under contract that long, and he just wants to make sure he's got peace of mind about it.

  • Most people the N b A think he should sign a two year deal, but we'll see if he only signs for one, the Lakers could have salary cap space next summer.

  • He averaged nearly 28 points a game of the postseason, again helping the Lakers win their first championship since 2010.

  • Brian, thank you so much.

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Kemba Walker is out until at least the first week of January.

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Kemba Walker will miss start of the season due to a knee injury | SportsCenter

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