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  • hey guys~ it's Jenn

  • so my life is pretty much a series of awkward moments

  • but a lot of these awkward moments are result of me doing something by accident

  • Theseare what I like to call "AWKWARD ACCIDENTS"

  • and if you don't know exactly what I mean

  • I'll give you a couple of examples

  • likewhen i'm walking on the streetminding my own business

  • swaying my arms~back and forth

  • when my hand will just so happen to accidentally touch somebody else's hand

  • or worse their "BUTT"

  • and most of the time this happened to people i don't even know

  • andit's just so awkward because i didn't mean to touch them at all

  • but they'll give me this look like i was trying to hold their hand or grab their a**

  • NO!!! BYE!

  • another awkward accident that tends to happen a lot is calling somebody by accident

  • or commonly refer to as "butt dialing"

  • now you would think because I have a touchscreen phone that this wouldn't happen to me

  • but trust mesomehow... it does and it usually ends up putting me in a really really awkward situation

  • OMG! EW~you'll never guess who just texted me

  • Britney~I cannot believe she's even trying to talk to me

  • i meanthat b**ch is bunk

  • oh~jenn's calling hello?

  • did you see what you wore yesterday? it literally looks like something my grandma would wear

  • another awkward thing that i'll accidentally do is

  • think i see somebody i know from behind

  • go up to them

  • and thenrealizethat is not them

  • this seriously used to happen to me all the time when i was younger looking for my parents and it will result in me calling a random stranger my mom or my dad

  • AWKWARD!!!

  • OMG! look! it's Britney

  • hey~Brit...

  • so basically the point of this video is that my life can be pretty awkward

  • if you guys have ever done one of these awkward things by accident then make sure to give this video a big thumbs up so i know i'm not the only one

  • and also make sure to leave a comment down below letting me know some other awkward things that've happened to you

  • andyeahthat's pretty much it for this week's video

  • thank you guys so much for watching and i'll see you all next Saturday with another new video

  • Bye~~~

hey guys~ it's Jenn

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