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  • but do pre had this to say, Just posting a bunch of laughing?

  • Emojis and Eric Ebron chimed in as well, saying, Dog, I'm trying to stay off here right now.

  • I'll get fined for what I want to say.

  • So the Steelers are frustrated and look to some degree, I understand their frustration.

  • This is the second time this season that they've been the team that was scheduled to play the team that has had the covert outbreak.

  • But in case it isn't crystal clear to everyone, Graziano explain why the situation in Denver over the weekend and the situation with the Ravens right now really have nothing to do with each other.

  • Yeah, the failure to understand this on the part of the Steelers player Zach Banner results in the perception that the game the Ravens game has been postponed because the Ravens are short handed.

  • That is not the case.

  • The reason the Ravens game has been postponed multiple times is the Ravens have had at least one positive test for each of the last nine days.

  • There have been times during the past week where the league and the team and the players union felt like it was not safe for the Ravens to assemble and play the game.

  • That's why it keeps getting postponed.

  • That's why I was postponed again last night.

  • They want another day of clear testing to get some confidence that it's gonna be safe.

  • In the case of the Broncos, they don't have a team wide outbreak like Baltimore does.

  • They had one guy test positive, and when you have someone test positive, you assess their close contacts.

  • When the league assessed the close contacts of the player Jeff Driskel, who tested positive, it found that the other three quarterbacks were high risk close contact because they were around him for extended period of time.

  • They weren't wearing masks.

  • High risk, close contacts have toe isolate four or five days.

  • And that's what happened to the Broncos.

  • It just so happened that they were all quarterbacks.

  • But there was no thought of postponing because there was no outbreak that led them to believe it wasn't safe for the Broncos to assemble.

  • Those guys were just taken off the field by virtue of the protocols, and so again, the game is scheduled to be played tomorrow, by the way, it's scheduled to be played in the afternoon because of the NBC is committed to the Christmas tree lighting ceremony tomorrow night.

  • They did nothing.

  • Could be more 2020.

  • And that is.

  • But Greg McElroy if I could come to you on this, I know that watching what you watched in Denver the other day left you with a pretty strong feelings.

  • Yeah, guys, here's my thing.

  • If the Ravens are gonna be at less than full capacity to the point in which they can't execute, then we are doing damage to the shield, right?

  • Like us as players and us that are associated with the NFL.

  • We're proud off the shield.

  • We're proud of that moniker.

  • You've got to protect the shield.

  • You're told that in every single NFLPA meeting and what we saw from Denver, their inability to put together any semblance of offensive football literally impacts the integrity of the brand like that effects us as viewers because you are damaging, literally damaging the quality of the broadcast.

  • If for whatever reason, someone moved to this country last Thursday and watch NFL football for the first time, and they put on that Denver game, they'll never watch again.

  • So we need to protect the integrity.

  • So these teams airway less than a full capacity.

  • We strongly consider postponing the game and adopting the Week 18 philosophy.

  • Why don't I have a funny feeling to the offensive linemen on this set?

  • Doesn't see it that way.

  • Absolutely not, man.

  • Listen, I fully think what the NFL is doing is as good as they can do, right?

  • You're just trying to find your just trying to find a way to play these games.

  • This whole idea that the Broncos screwed up right there.

  • Quarterback room screwed up.

  • People could say the quality.

  • The game isn't good.

  • One backups have to play.

  • I mean, come on, man, it's It's a pandemic.

  • There's nothing else they could do.

  • They're doing their absolute best to get games, the quality of play.

  • I hope every consumer it was watching.

  • NFL understands the quality of play may suffer.

  • If teams have an outbreak.

  • That's just reality, man.

  • But don't keep pushing and posting at the end of day.

  • The season is getting longer and longer.

  • Players want to get it played and get it out of the way on.

  • For what it's worth, the game does have a lot of significant.

  • Let me just show you the standings.

  • Here again.

  • It matters.

  • The Ravens are currently on the fringes of the A F C playoff picture.

  • They have a meeting with the Steelers again tomorrow.

  • We'll loss would put them in a very precarious position with five games remaining it.

  • And if it is played tomorrow, they're gonna play without Lamar Jackson.

  • So we will see.

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but do pre had this to say, Just posting a bunch of laughing?

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