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  • a new day away from home.

  • But for these refugees, it's a big relief to have made it to Sudan.

  • Most of them used this border crossing point in Hamdi, yet it's been the busiest route, with that least 1000 people passing here daily.

  • But now things have changed.

  • We spotted Ethiopian troops stationed on the other side of the border.

  • They've been discouraging people from fleeing the country, we were told.

  • Our requests for comment from the authorities went unanswered.

  • More than 40,000 refugees are now in Sudan.

  • Many families have been separated, but at the NRA Cuba camp Ah, father and his 11 year old daughter are luckily reunited.

  • I was with my grandmother when I started hearing gunshots when they intensified, asked her to flee with me.

  • But she said no.

  • She's too old to run, so I fled alone.

  • I had to spend the night in the bush.

  • I was frightened.

  • I had no extra clothes and no money.

  • But I was able to cross the border.

  • And then I asked someone to call my father.

  • I want to be on my young man.

  • For the older people here, this brings back bad memories.

  • Tiger is 75.

  • He's becoming a refugee in Sudan for the second time in his life.

  • He was a teenager when he fast fled.

  • Now he wants a resolution to the current conflict but thinks it won't come easy.

  • They will not agree on anything unless the world intervenes, but if they are left alone, they will not agree.

  • Now there is war and death.

  • Things cannot be solved that easily.

  • If it happened before the death, there might have been a chance.

  • But now only God knows.

  • These people hope this situation is temporary.

  • They want to go back home and continue with their lives.

  • The federal government promised a short offensive, but there are fears that the conflict could persist and potentially destabilize the home of Africa region.

  • This'll is a song for peace.

  • It encapsulates the hopes off many here they've lost touch with those they left behind.

  • Their lives are in limbo as Ethiopia's current and former rulers fight on soy.

a new day away from home.

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