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  • this'll isn't a thread is actually a super thin noodle going through a needle.

  • China is noodle heaven.

  • Wheat noodles, rice noodles thin, thick.

  • The list of options is endless.

  • This series is all about noodles will be featuring 10 different kinds of noodles across China and show you how they're made and how they're served.

  • This is Ding Simeon, literally gold thread noodles.

  • They're a specialty of Sichuan, where they've been around for over 100 years and they're only made for special occasions.

  • Mhm with E making these noodles is extremely time consuming.

  • Hey, can take up to two hours to produce one batch.

  • Chefs spend their entire career trying to master it.

  • And this guy is one of the few people in China who knows how to make it check into that top 10 million for the B 20.

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  • Nanaimo is a rare type of wood native to China.

  • It's known for its smooth texture while also being super tough.

  • It was often used to make furniture and utensils for royalty.

  • Take a chance mentality.

  • Jaczko's a She owe you a while.

  • Most Sichuan noodle dishes pack a lot of spice.

  • This one doesn't.

  • There's just one main ingredient in the broth.

  • A castrated chicken, So a so e a a Chee Chee Chee a chicken Castration is also practice in Spain and France.

  • Three idea is that the lack of sex hormones makes the poultry more tender and juicy.

  • Councilor Tang How that she weakened todo whole A soup has to be clear to bring out the color of the noodles.

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  • Next, it's off to the Jiangsu Province of China, or noodles are boiled with a bamboo lid floating in the pot.

  • Don't worry, you will explain it all later.

this'll isn't a thread is actually a super thin noodle going through a needle.

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