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  • we have the NASDAQ at a record high, and the S and P is trying to make a new high.

  • Well, let's talk about the markets with Aryan Bogdani.

  • He's the investment strategist at MV Financial.

  • So Aryan What is driving the market sentiment today?

  • I would say it's it's more of this optimistic narrative you've seen for the last couple of weeks with the vaccine news People seeing this light at the end of the tunnel type mentality for co vid markets are looking far ahead thinking, you know, trying to get in trying to get in before you know the markets really take off and economies around the world recover.

  • I think you're seeing different positive, upbeat news markets like Janet Yellen.

  • You know, markets are liking the decline in unemployment numbers, but still, it's all part of this big optimism trade around vaccines.

  • And I'm wondering, what do you make of the recent market action?

  • I mean, because we've seen just seeing small moves in a small move yesterday.

  • We're seeing a small move today.

  • What does that tell you about, um, how investors are feeling?

  • Yeah, I think that's a great question.

  • You're seeing the kind of, you know, regular market movement day to day, right yesterday we started off a little, little flat negative.

  • You know, investors take stock, they take a breather.

  • The market takes readers.

  • Some people sell off the top.

  • So you're going to see that kind of, uh, interplay back and forth until we really start to see more and more money coming off the sidelines.

  • And I think you'll start.

  • You'll see days where we have these bigger, protracted runups or maybe even the other way shortly.

  • But you'll see kind of more inching movement throughout the end of the year.

  • I believe.

  • So.

  • I know you are buying or you or your firm buying equities again.

  • So tell me, where are you putting that money to work?

  • Yeah, So we started this year.

  • Just the backups of context.

  • We started this year pretty conservatively.

  • We didn't see the cove, it scenario playing out.

  • It played out.

  • We took opportunities where we could to really become defensive, uh, today or for last month, two months, we've been taking opportunity to buy back into sectors of the market that we were not a part of at the being of the year small midcaps were looking at international and emerging markets as well in targeted, targeted sectors of those markets to buy back in for a long term play.

  • You know, I will caution investors.

  • Strength is still here in the U.

  • S.

  • That's still the core of our allocation.

  • We think there will be rough and choppy waters ahead until we get back to this normal that everyone is looking for.

  • But we think that you have to position yourself for the long term, and that's why we're starting to ramp up our exposure again.

  • And I know you're cautiously optimistic on equities.

  • So what would it take to move you either way, either more optimistic or less optimistic?

  • Well, so when I say cautiously optimistic, I think we're optimistic, Uh, intermediate.

  • Long term.

  • It's the short term that worries us, And I think when we tell our clients, Ah, lot of investors are forgetting that there is still a timeframe before vaccines are distributed before people are back to the world is back exactly the way it was still going to see pain, play out in the economic numbers and potentially shocked the market.

  • And then we're gonna see volatility because volatilities not just downside also upside.

  • We're seeing that right now.

  • So we think that from here to there there will be, uh, you know, mawr moments of, uh, like I said, rough and choppy waters.

  • So that's where my cautious Lee optimistic sentiment comes in.

  • As long as we understand that we're positioned for the long term from here to there, there will be some some challenges ahead of us if you think about Cove it.

  • And so is there any sector given that scenario?

  • Is there any sector that you just are just just going to stay away from?

  • Until you get a clear picture of the both the economic landscape and the I guess, the Covic landscape.

  • Yeah, well, great question.

  • I don't think there's any specific sector that were totally hands off on.

  • I think we're looking mawr, uh, holistically.

  • You know, we don't wanna buy into companies that are too expensive.

  • We don't wanna buy into things that are too speculative.

  • Um, you know, companies that will continue to be challenged by the cove in such post cove it environment are ones that we will be staying away from.

  • Obviously, we were sticking to the fixed income side.

  • That's become very unattractive in many ways, But that's not somewhere we want to start to chase yield that.

  • I know a lot of people do that and take more risky bets.

  • That's something we'll definitely stay away from.

  • We're looking at fixed income as solely a capital preservation play and and really, uh, mawr of the same.

  • I think it's really important that investors take stock of the whole market and don't get too fixated or get too bogged down in one sector.

  • That that that would be what I what I'm thinking at this at this moment.

  • Alright, great.

  • That's Aryan veg, Donny.

  • He's the investment strategist at MV Financial.

  • I'm Conway G kittens, and this is Reuters.

we have the NASDAQ at a record high, and the S and P is trying to make a new high.

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U.S. stocks face 'rough and choppy waters': strategist

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