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  • The electric light, the telephone, the microchip.

  • All great inventions.

  • But for me, the most important of all

  • was the wheel, mainly because it led to things like this.

  • Downhill cycling.

  • Why use two wheels when one makes you look twice as cool?

  • But before you even think about pulling off a downhill wheelie,

  • be aware that even on two wheels,

  • it could still be perilous.

  • What makes downhill cycling is such a terrifying pursuit

  • is that the bike isn't only powered by the cyclist's legs,

  • but also by our old friend gravity.

  • When a cyclist goes up a hill, he gradually gains

  • gravitational potential energy.

  • When he descends, this gravitational potential energy

  • can be converted over a very short period of time

  • into a terrifying amount of kinetic energy.

  • If the rider falls, that kinetic energy might be converted

  • into heat via friction, or if they stop suddenly,

  • dissipated via deformation.

  • So energy is never destroyed.

  • It's merely transferred into something else

  • like kinetic energy, heat, or even the sound

  • of an impact, which is often accompanied

  • by the sound of screaming.

  • To investigate, we sent out some of our more

  • reckless researchers.

  • This guy has made a deal with gravity

  • and built up a lot of kinetic energy.

  • So much so that he's able to pass cars.

  • Except that one.

  • The cyclist is unable to transfer

  • enough kinetic energy into heat the friction at its brakes.

  • When he hits the car, his remaining kinetic energy

  • is transferred into sound, heat, and dissipated a deformation,

  • also known as bouncing off.

  • Don't worry.

  • He was OK.

  • All right.

  • Let's try a gentler pace.

  • This is more like it.

  • A chance to take in the scenery.

  • And his friend's bottom.

  • He appears to make no attempt to reduce his kinetic energy.

  • And his linear momentum becomes angular momentum

  • as he rotates around the axle of the front wheel.

  • And maybe not the last.

  • Perhaps it's safer to go downhill on three

  • wheels with these drift trikes.

  • Or maybe not.

  • It's just as well our drift trike gang are

  • heading home on four wheels.

  • Maybe safer just to walk.

The electric light, the telephone, the microchip.

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The Perils of Downhill Cycling | Science of Stupid: Ridiculous Fails

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/12/04
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