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Kids react to Retro TV!
- This episode: Ducktales! - ♪ Whoo-ooh! ♪
♪ (Ducktales Theme Song) ♪
♪ Life is like a hurricane ♪
Really a hurricane of gold? Are you kidding me?
♪ Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes ♪
Oh, that bird. Who is that?
- Donald Duck? - ♪ Might solve a mystery ♪
Is this Donald Duck's kids?
♪ Or rewrite history! ♪
♪ Ducktales, whoo-ooh! ♪
♪ Every day they're out there making Ducktales ♪
- I like this song. - ♪ Whoo-ooh! ♪
Is this like a show?
♪ Tales of daring, good and bad ♪
- ♪ Ducktales ♪ - Okay, this is just ridiculous.
♪ D-D-D-Danger looks behind you ♪
- (gasping) - ♪ There's a stranger out to find... ♪
Oh my gosh, if I was five I'd enjoy this a lot.
- ♪ Ducktales, whoo-ooh! ♪ - (chuckling)
- ♪ Everyday they're out there-- ♪ - Really? You're swimming for a $1 bill?
He got his money taken!
- ♪ New, bad and good-- ♪ - I'm so confused right now.
It's like Indiana Jones.
It's like Scooby Doo with Donald Duck.
♪ Go Ducktales, whoo-ooh! ♪
I'm surprised that even a TV show.
- When did that happen? - That was adorable!
When was that?!
(children) Question Time!
(Finebros) Okay, so what we showed you was the opening of a TV show.
- Did you catch the name of the show? - No, I did not catch it.
(together) DUCKTALES!
(Finebros) Have you ever heard of that TV show?
(together) NO!
I have!
When I was little I was watching it.
(Finebros) What does the show seem to be about?
Adventures with ducks!
They were all dancing and diving into the money they stole.
They're relatives of Donald Duck, I believe,
and they go on "mysterious" adventures.
- (Finebros) Does it look good? - Yeah, it actually does.
The music is cute.
Kinda. (giggling) But if I was a little bit younger.
Mickey Mouse is getting old.
(Finebros) Did you recognize any characters?
I think Daffy Duck?
I think I saw Donald Duck.
Donald Duck. (giggling)
(Finebros) That actually wasn't Donald Duck.
- It wasn't? - (Finebros) It was family members
of Donald, but not Donald.
(together) Scrooge.
-Scrooge - It's Louie...Louie...
-It's like Louie and Dewey! - Louie.
(Finebros) So I'm gonna show you some of the characters from the show
and we'll see if you've heard of them before.
So the main character of the show is a duck called Scrooge McDuck.
- Have you ever seen him before? - Yeah, he just looks like Donald Duck.
He looks like Donald Duck, but he's richer.
There was this Christmas movie and I saw him in it.
Scrooge in Disney's version of A Christmas Carol.
(Finebros) And he has a giant vault filled with gold called his money bin.
- And he loves it so much he swims in it. - Okay.
I don't think that's possible.
Wouldn't that break you apart?
That's really a weird idea.
Okay, that's pretty awesome.
He should be sharing some.
Wouldn't you rather swim in liquid gold than solid gold?
No one would want to swim in liquid gold!
It's HOT!
(Finebros) Would you want to swim in gold?
- I would want to swim in puppies. - Awwwwww.
(Finebros) And then he adventures with his nephews.
This is Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Do you know them?
I've kinda seen them on Disney Channel.
They're adorable. I love them.
(Finebros) And then there are some of the villains of Ducktales.
Very Disney.
(Finebros) On the top are the Beagle Boys.
Beagle Boys? That sounds like a boy band.
(Finebros) The witch, Magica De Spell--
I swear, it's Cruella DeVille in duck form.
(Finebros) And then Flintheart Glomgold.
That's the hardest name to ever pronounce ever since
supercalifragilisticexpialidocious came in.
(Finebros) Do they look like villains to you?
Not really.
A golfer?! How does that make any sense!
Not really. The dogs, like the two on the end, are like--
(Finebros) So do you want to watch this show?
Yes, I do!
- (Finebros) Well, you cant. - Awwww.
What? No!
(Finebros) Well, at least not new episodes.
You just crushed my dreams.
(Finebros) The last new episode on TV of Ducktales was in 1990.
I wasn't even born!
That was 11 years before I was born.
That was 16 years before I was born.
I thought that cartoon shows back then would be black and white.
(Finebros) Why would they not keep making it if it's for kids
and kids still would like it?
'Cause some kids might not like it.
Characters must have died.
They made [as much of stuff], so the companies would get more money.
Their parents are gonna be like, "Oh, I used to watch that all the time."
And then their kids are gonna be like, "Oh, no. It's gonna be so boring."
That's stupid. They really should just play that.
Like, in 20 years people are gonna be like,
"Why is that kid walking around with a starfish on his shirt
and a sponge on his back?"
They should just replay it and start airing old episodes
as new episodes.
(Finebros) When you watch cartoons like Ducktales, what's different
about the cartoons from the past versus the cartoons of today.
Better graphics.
Today the animation looks so real, but so fake at the same time.
The old stuff has a better message.
Back then they were better.
The ones that are out today, they're terrible.
(Finebros) So finally, now that you know about Ducktales,
- if you could, would you watch it? - No.
Yeah, sure.
Probably not.
I think I would.
I would.
(together) Yes!
I would watch an episode and see if I liked it,
then I'd reconsider.
(Finebros) We know this so well, we know the song extremely well.
Oh my god.
(Finebros singing) ♪ Life is like a hurricane ♪
♪ Here in Duckburg ♪
♪ Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes ♪
♪ It's a duck blur! ♪
- ♪ Might solve a mystery, duh-nuh ♪ - (laughter)
♪ Or rewrite history! ♪
- ♪ Ducktales, whoo-ooh! ♪ - (chuckling) Wow.
I wish you guys could see their faces right now.
Thanks for watching this episode of Kids React!
Have an old cartoon you want us to check out?
Let us know in the comments!
No pony tails or cotton tails, no Kids React! Whoo-hoo.
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陳嗯彥 published on July 5, 2014
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