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  • Show me your friends and I'll soon tell you who you are.

  • That's what kind of life you will live.

  • Those you choose to surround yourself with will play a huge part in the quality of your life or lack of quality in your life.

  • If you hang around with Onley angry and negative people, your life will be full of anger and negativity that you surround yourself with kind, compassionate and positive people.

  • Your life will have more kindness ons.

  • Positive energy.

  • Who you surround yourself with is crucial on Sometimes it is important you reflect on those you are spending the most time with and asking yourself, Do I really want thes people in my life?

  • If you have any of these people in your life, it might be time to rethink how much time you spend with them.

  • If any, it's all it might not be easy toe limits or end all interaction with these people if their friends or family.

  • But if they're not making your life or theirs better by you spending time together, maybe it's time for both of you to move on.

  • Number one Dishonest people number two Controlling people number three Angry bitter and negative people.

  • Victim mentality Number four takers never givers and number five those who have no desire to grow.

  • Let's talk a little more about each personality so you can spot them and, if needed, limits your time or end your time with them.

  • Number one Dishonest people Trust is a major human need for any relationship.

  • Friendships, romantic relationships, family members.

  • If you can't trust them, limit your time with them.

  • If they lie repeatedly or rarely give you the full story.

  • This is a clear sign they don't respect you.

  • Address the problem with the person if you can.

  • And if the situation doesn't change, move on and move forward.

  • Don't responds with hate or revenge in mind.

  • Just move on, take the high road and let them play out their dishonesty elsewhere.

  • Remember, if something feels off, it is most likely off number two.

  • Controlling people.

  • Freedom is a basic human needs we all share.

  • And when we feel like another human is controlling us or trying thio, it is very uncomfortable and unnatural.

  • When you limit or end your time with these kinds of people, it will feel like a weight has been lifted off your back.

  • That's heavy burden you carry around.

  • Being under someone else's command is life draining.

  • Follow your heart.

  • You know those who are right for you.

  • Number three.

  • Angry, bitter and negative people.

  • It goes without saying that your life would be better without angry, bitter and negative people in it.

  • But you must be able to spot these people.

  • Sometimes their behavior is more subtle than you might think, constantly judging others, always blaming and living in the victim role regularly getting into arguments, with others complaining, always finding the negative in any situation.

  • These kind of behaviors are not good for you if you want to live a true, happy, fulfilled life finds those who see the positive in each situation who responds with compassion, who can come and light up any room.

  • Your life will be much better for him.

  • Number four takers never givers.

  • It's pretty self explanatory, but it's those who always expects things to be given to them to be done for them, but who rarely ever offer the same level of giving in return.

  • It's the person who calls you when they need you but doesn't answer when you need them.

  • the one who will spend time with you when it suits them, but not when it doesn't.

  • It's almost like they feel superior above you.

  • Well, they are not.

  • We are all equal.

  • And if you find yourself in constant interaction with a taker, end that relationship and notice how good it feels.

  • Ons.

  • Number five.

  • Those who have no desire to grow If you are someone who is on a constant, never ending search for growth and self development, spending time with those who aren't could be very draining.

  • You may not need to end your time with these people they maybe family or lifelong friends.

  • But to expect your greatest life when you surround yourself with people who have zero intention of getting better ever.

  • That's insanity.

  • A t.

  • End of the day You choose who you spend time with, and you choose who you spends the most time with.

  • You don't have to be rude or abrupt or disrespectful when limiting or ending time you spend with people.

  • You don't even have to explain why.

Show me your friends and I'll soon tell you who you are.

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