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  • the Corona Peak paper.

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  • Yeah, right The way a major problem in Delhi what we're faced were searching here, toe there in every hospital, there was no bad.

  • Yup.

  • Yeah, sing huge rise in cases in the city on pressure on the unit here, which is a capacity.

  • So this the emergency ward where people who have covert coming in for admissions It's still a very strict system to even get this far.

  • And as you can see, anyone who's in this unit has to wear for PEOPIE with beds at capacity, some patients are being kept here in the emergency ward.

  • A za way of getting treatment.

  • People aren't taking precautions.

  • They're running around in the markets, the nor wearing mosque, careless and casual things A video.

  • Go go personal magic toe voluntary!

  • Outside the hospital, people have a feeling that this can't happen to me.

  • I will not get this problem.

  • What if I'm sitting in a small group of people with my close friends and take my mask off.

  • Well, people must understand that covert is not going to end suddenly.

  • It's going to be there unless until a very effective vaccine comes in.

  • Plus, it is most crucial that people understand that it is their own behavior, which will determine how the disease goes in the next few weeks or next few months.

the Corona Peak paper.

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Delhi sees deadliest month amid raging pandemic - BBC News

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