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  • the greatest player in the world now has a new deal.

  • LeBron James has signed a two year contract extension with Lakers, his agent announced worth $85 million.

  • So I'm just jotting down what notes I can for you hear two for 85 for LeBron that will take him through his age, 36 37 seasons.

  • He will turn 36 this December.

  • Well, this is December.

  • What am I talking about?

  • So he will turn 36 soon.

  • This is his age 36 season, and then it'll take him through his age 37 season.

  • That will be his 20th year in the n b A.

  • And we know his stated goal has been to try to place someday with his son Brawny.

  • His son is scheduled to graduate from high school in the year 2023.

  • He is the class of 23.

  • So if the rules changed by then and there is no Mawr like minimum age in the N B.

  • A.

  • The whole one and done thing that I think is going away, then in theory, in the 23 24 season, LeBron would be a free agent and he could go play with brawny someplace they could play together if LeBron wanted to play his 21st season, if it all were to go that way.

  • But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

  • What actually matters here is that LeBron is under contract, not a surprise.

  • He and Anthony Davis will run it back in Los Angeles.

  • Have added pieces.

  • They've added mantra is Harold have added, added shrewder from Oklahoma City.

  • They've added, uh, Marc Gasol, and they go into the season as a significant favorite to win another, eh?

  • NBA championship.

  • And again, at the risk of getting ahead of myself, that would be five for LeBron.

  • And we all know what that would mean.

  • What that would start to mean.

  • Um, but so he's got that going for him.

  • And now he's got, what, 42 a half million dollars a year going for him as well.

  • And I look, I have zero issue with the money.

  • There's no amount of money.

  • He isn't worth none.

  • If you could just attach a value two players to whatever it is, they actually are worth both financially and competitively, eh?

  • NBA stars and quarterbacks would be by far the most valuable that they are all underpaid.

  • If there were no salary cap in football, then imagine how much money Patrick Mahomes He's getting paid half a billion dollars with the salary cap.

  • Imagine how much money Patrick Mahomes could get in a sport that had no salary cap and in which he was an unrestricted free agent.

  • How much money is LeBron James actually worth to a team to a league?

  • It's kind of hard to calculate.

  • So LeBron James every penny that he gets.

  • I'm good with no problem whatsoever.

  • And we'll see if he winds up if he winds up putting another championship or two on the mantle while he's there.

  • But two more years.

  • $85 million for LeBron, 36 37 8 seasons.

  • It'll be 20 years in the n.

  • B A.

  • By the time he's done with his extension and we'll see how it goes.

  • It is a two year extension for LeBron, so he's now tied to the Lakers for three more seasons.

  • This coming here, he makes $39 million then the extension, which is an $85 million extension.

  • It'll be 41 change the first year 44 change the second.

  • That'll be his 20th season in the n B A.

  • If he goes that far, it will be his age 37 season if he gets there.

  • He averaged 25 points, 10 assists and eight boards last year was second and M v p and should have been the M V p of the league.

  • So again, LeBron James.

  • No surprise contract extension in L.

  • A.

  • They're putting the band back together again there with him and Anthony Davis.

  • They're adding pieces like Shrewder and Gasol and Harrell.

  • And so the Lakers will enter this season, particularly with the terrible injury to Clay Thompson.

  • They will enter this season as a significant favorite to win another championship.

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the greatest player in the world now has a new deal.

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